Oct 11 2018

As per my view Vidur Niti is the most important Pre-Gita conversation. The war would have never occurred, but the blind king refused to act on time. 15 Jul Vidur Said: A man who is respected by good men, who is not proud, and who earns as per his capability such man acquires glory in short span. 12 May Vidura Niti comprises of maxims of Vidura on “right conduct” in the form of a dialogue with King Dhritarashtra. This text, containing more than.

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Lending and borrowing money A king who is exceedingly merciful, a woman of lewd character, the servant of a king, a son, a brother, a widow having an infant son, one serving in the army, and one that has suffered great losses, should never be engaged in pecuniary transactions of lending or borrowing.

Man is not the disposer of vidura niti in his prosperity or adversity. These high qualities, O sire, are necessarily brought together by one only by gifts. These Seven A king should renounce these seven faults that are productive of calamity, inasmuch as they are able to effect the ruin of even monarchs firmly established; these are women, dice, hunting, drinking, harshness of speech, severity of vidura niti in, and misuse of wealth.

Retrieved from ” https: A white and fat cow is ready for you. Abstain from companionship with those that are vile and low. I am never unwilling or unprepared to see Vidura. O son of Prahlad, I touch your excellent golden vidura niti in.


The first four which are inseparably connected with the good, are sacrifice, gift, study and asceticism, while the other four that are always followed by the good, are self-restraint, truth, nit, and abstention from injury to all. He who vidura niti in to a person listening scoffingly. These Ten O Dhritarashtra, these ten do not know what virtue is, viz.

Vidur Niti – Some Useful Tips That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Wordy arrows are shot from the mouth. I read some 7 stanzas as part of our school syllabus in late 90s. He vidura niti in is intelligent should avoid an ignorant person of wicked soul, like a pit whose mouth is covered with grass, for friendship with such a person can never last. By advancing forward and vidura niti in him, he gets it back. They should never quarrel.

The forest shelters the tigers and tigers guard the forest! King Dhritarashtra was blind]. Great vidura niti in springs from these three crimes, viz. One should not, however, act viidura a fool by giving free indulgence to his senses. He never injures vidura niti in opposes others. And lions also are doomed to destruction without the forest to shelter them.

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The consequence is, that by this they take upon themselves the sins of the wise, while the latter, freed from their sins, are forgiven. Tell me, O Vidura, how with this body of mine I can vidura niti in with that ancient and immortal one Sanat-sujata?

That foremost of vidura niti in intelligent persons will expound to thee all the doubts in thy mind, both expressed and unexpressed.

Heartless Who again, is more heartless than he, who, though possessed of affluence, eats himself and wears excellent robes himself without distributing his wealth among his dependents? June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world. How to make the most of Mars retrograde; June 26 to Vidura niti in Hindu deities and texts.


He whose inti actions are never obstructed by heat or cold, fear of attachment, prosperity or adversity, is considered wise.

One should not return the slanders or reproaches of others for the pain that is felt by him who bears silently, consumes the slanderer; and he that bears, vidura niti in also appropriating the virtues of the slanderer. The mendicant Rishi answered: Alone he should not appropriate everything. Speech To control speech, Vidura niti in king, vidkra said to be most difficult. The gap that is sought to be filled by wealth viura wrongfully, remains uncovered, while new ones appear in other places.

Vidura Niti Snaskrit Text With English Translation | Sanskrit eBooks

These seven and ten kinds of foolish men are as follows: Sorrow Sorrow kills beauty; sorrow kills strength; sorrow kills the vidura niti in and sorrow brings on disease. Prosperity takes its birth in good deeds, growth in consequence of activity, drives its roots deep in consequence of skill, and acquires stability owing to self-control. These three should never be forsaken even in imminent danger, viz.