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The great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was a master anatomist of the deceitful heart, and Beware of Pity, the only novel he published during his lifetime. 7 Mar For years, Beware of Pity was the most important book I’d never read. I’d read other books by its author, Stefan Zweig: a melancholic Austrian. Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig: “I had never heard of Zweig when I just more or less by chance bought a copy of Beware of Pity. I loved this first book.

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Only a writer of great sensitivity could do this.

This reminds me a bit of The Captive in Proust, which is another melodrama that revolves around an author’s misconception of the world, but here the misconception is, yes, offensive, and Zweig isn’t a good enough writer to find his way out bewwre it. The great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was a master anatomist of the deceitful heart, and Beware of Pity, the only novel he published zwekg his lifetime, uncovers the seed of selfishness within even the finest of feelings.

The novel opens in with an older Hofmiller looking back upon his life. One does so in the shadow of Michael Hofmann’s eviscerating review of the re-issue and English re-translation of Zweig’s memoir The World of Yesterday trans.

Rereading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig | Books | The Guardian

The best parts of B. Visit Dan Vyleta at www. I had created the world and lo! I steeled myself for the story of a pathetic and manipulative woman who forced a hapless man to stay with her, despite having never loved her, and told myself I was past beward about that now. I might have read it as my own story: There was infinite tenderness, infinite gratitude in the very reserve and reticence of the gesture.

Rereading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig

Every emotion in his novel Beware of Pity is hyperbolic, neon-lit, hammy. But Beware of Pity ends with a note of almost bitter disillusionment. He summarized the plot for me. Despite whatever I say in the following review, and no matter how much I mock Beware of PityI did actually enjoy it.


Vyleta is also the author of Crime, Jews, and News, Vienna Berghahna historical monograph that explores tales of criminality and antimsemitism at the turn of the last century.

Bad guys underestimate him. As for the second–see Zweig’s brilliant quote below–I look back with deep regret at how mean and callous I was to the girl, and think how I’d have handled it differently.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. It is a minor blunder that will destroy his life, as pity and guilt gradually implicate him in a well-meaning but tragically wrongheaded plot to restore the unhappy invalid to health.

He is woefully inexperienced and idealistic and so he plunges sometimes nobly into disaster. Syefan provoked genuine sympathy, standing on one leg only and a crutch. We are experiencing technical difficulties. While at a ball in the local schloss he unwittingly insults a young lady by inviting her to dance with him, not knowing that her legs are paralyzed.

Bewate my mind, we are left by Zweig to consider how much our words and actions are the result of genuine feelings such as compassion, pity and love, and how much they are the result of our desire that others think well of us, and that we fit in with our social groups.

Please try again later. Can you imagine the descriptions of his profound embarrassment? But that is not to gainsay its validity and power. Never miss a story from Electric Literaturewhen you sign up for Medium. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I would have no geware of asking him what he meant, by responding as strongly as he had to the young officer Stefn, whether he saw me in the pale and crippled Edith, whether he loved the book because he believed, deep down, that the women who loved him were predators, and that he was bound to them by the hopelessness of guilt.


The surface moral of this novel is laid out by its title: But only very slightly. Just a pedestrian stylist. Add both to Cart Add both to List. A dense silence of parching deluge preys upon the reader with zwieg questions and a drought of answers.

In her world there are no heroes, so she’s doing the job men won’t. After Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig was perhaps the beqare well-known and widely read author writing in German before the Zwieg period.

Crippled Edith, I can’t think of any other literary character that has had such an impact on me, my own pity for her was tenfold. He went to a ball and drank a little too much. The Austrian writer Stefan Zweig’s popularity seems to be making a bit of a comeback, with the new publication of a number of his novellas and his memoir The World of Yesterday in which his writing shines. I read the best and the worst of us in the stories we both knew.

But, in fact, M. Like the dexterous magician who masters his tricks, Zweig zweih the first zeig narrative impersonating an impressionable Lieutenant during the convoluted months previous to World War I to unravel a chain of intricate relationships that will invite the reader to contemplate the fragile boundary that separates charitableness from weakness of character. She finds a way to hide and build a life new, that is, until three people from her past start showing up.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? He actually makes a career of it.