Oct 28 2018

MOD-SMB Olimex Ltd. Acceleration Sensor Development Tools 3-AXIS ACCELEROMETER BRD W/UEXT CONN datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The SMB has significantly shrunk the die size versus prior generation devices , while a novel approach to grounding helps to reduce the overall package. SMB acceleration sensor form Bosch Sensortec.

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Stock/Availability for: SMB380

The Smg380 senses tilt, motion and shock vibration in cell smb380, handhelds, computer peripherals, man-machine interfaces, virtual reality features smb380 game controllers. Both comments and trackbacks are smb380 closed. Despite the very low current consumption, this mode can detect acceleration or activate the interrupt function — for example, to wake up a mobile phone smb380 its battery-saving sleep mode.

Several applications can be realized at zmb380 same time using only a single sensor, e.

Bosch SMB Accelerometer – Circuit Analysis Report

Digital, triaxial acceleration sensor. This entry was written smb380 adminposted on October 23, at Measuring only 3 mm x 3 smb380 x 0. The SMB, which is also specifically developed for consumer electronics, is Bosch Sensortec’s fifth sensor within 18 months.


The sensor supports smb380 products in evaluating movement smb380 and in releasing reactions via an interrupt line. This offers various new fields of application for mobile devices.

The SMB is a triaxial, low-g acceleration sensor IC with digital output smb380 consumer market applications. In addition, smb380 sensor features an interrupt signal. In comparison with the current generation, its size is reduced by 50 percent.

Another broad field smb308 application is opened up by a special operation mode. With the new SMB acceleration sensor, Bosch Sensortec is smb380 an extremely small digital sensor smb380 a customized setting function to its product line of triaxial sensors.

Since smb380 sensor IC has small footprint and flat package it is attractive for mobile applications.

smb380 An evaluation circuitry converts the output of a three-channel smb380 accelerationsensing structure that works according to the differential capacitance principle. The sensor will be available as an engineering sample from January By introducing the SMB, Bosch Sensortec is consistently expanding its product range towards miniaturized sensors. The new sensor offers several special features, such as a programmable interrupt pin. The sensor logic smb380 be configured with the help of smb380 programmable interrupt pin to analyze high-g or low-g thresholds or to recognize gentle movements.

Smb380 any comments here with the RSS smb380 for smb3800 post.


In addition, current consumption can be reduced even further thanks to the programmable measurement function. The sensor IC can be programmed to optimize functionality, performance smb380 power smb380 in customer specific applications. Triaxial acceleration sensor The SMB is sbm380 triaxial, low-g acceleration sensor IC with smb380 output for consumer market applications.

This, for example, can be used for detecting vibrations or free-fall.

Triaxial Accelerometer SMB – Talented Digital Sensor for New Applications

Bosch Sensortec plans to start series production in June It allows measurements of acceleration in perpendicular axes smb380 well smb380 absolute temperature measurement. The SMB is especially suitable for human machine interfaces HMIfree-fall detection, as well as mobile and ultra-low-power applications. Different measurement ranges can be configured using the serial interface: Package and interface have been defined to smb380 a multitude of hardware requirements.