Nov 28 2018

7 Jun Some images on Free shopdog sawhorse plans. Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II ” Shopdog” – by Canexican @ LumberJocks. Ultimate Folding. 2 Feb I love that people are still designing sawhorses. For such a simple, basic item that’s been around for centuries, you’d think that by now we’d. 21 Mar Saw horse plans from ShopDog video by woodshopdude, see http://www. ?v=GkqhJh2wSgM #saw_horse #sawhorse.

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Don’t have an account? Join overdesigners who stay up-to-date with the Core77 newsletter The horse attachment is my favorite. Repair a leaky Garden Hose Connection Both comments and trackbacks are closed.

Click to see the post. The cross-member needs to sit parallel to the ground for optimal supportand that requires making a compound cut to notch each leg.

Mark the line by setting your square on the top of the leg and scribe a shopdot starting at the corner. Wow, thats pretty impressive.

All you have to do is mount your saw on a piece of plywood with a couple of runners and make some basic material supports and you are done.

Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II “Shopdog” – by Canexican @ ~ woodworking community

You can custom make any attachment you wish and they can be interchanged very quickly and tool free. So I scoured the internet for ideas, and eventually decided on this design called the Shopdog. For such a simple, basic item that’s been around for centuries, you’d think that by now we’d have settled on a perfect one and stuck with it. The first line will be straight down and perpendicular to the top edge.


I really enjoy the versatility of these and they are invaluable for saving shop space. By Rain Noe – Jan 30, Hi-Tech Toolbox on Track to Become Crowdfunding Smash Despite an unintentionally hilarious product video, the Coolbox—billed as “The world’s most advanced toolbox”—has successfully, swiftly tripled its funding target on Indiegogo.

I’ve busted a good number of the plastic sawhorses from Home Depot. But the fact that folks can continue to tweak, innovate and personalize a sawhorse design is a testament to our creativity as a species. Easy and cheap to make, flexible in what it can hold, whether materials, clamps or tools, easy and quick to set up, and has to be able to fold flat to stow on the wall of his shop.

I think you have just solved half the problems i have in my work shop these have just hit the top of the to do list Thanks — Happiness is a way of travelnot a destination Roy Goodman. Project by Canexican posted You can mount almost any small woodworking tools such as: Already have an account? And we mean quick ‘n dirty. No more commercial folding saw horses for me, your design has them all beat.

Check it out in action:.

Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II “Shopdog”

To firmly sandwich the cross member between the legs, use a locking strap or ratcheting strap to pull the legs tight. The versatility comes from the fact that the cross member can be modified depending on the application. It really is the best folding sawhorse shopddog out there. Flip the leg over and repeat the process.

If you use the 12′ boards you have nearly no scrap at all. These are not the easiest sawhorses to build. I think these will find a home in shops and garages everywhere. K Sawuorse Password Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. I can see a pair of these in my future when I make my next set of sawhorses.


My new design makes building this sawhorse a breeze. I misread it at first and thought it was just an 8′ so I had some extra scrap.

Not to disregard the more shop related ones. This article was posted in projectsToolswood shop. Cut some v shapes out for your pipe clamps. A Swiss Army Sawhorse.

How to Build a Better Sawhorse | The Art of Manliness

Enter a caption optional. I love that people are still designing sawhorses. I can see your imagination is the only limit on this.

Saehorse suggest drilling pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood since the screws are so close to the end grain. The second cut needs to be done with a jigsaw, and I used some scrap for additional support. If your kids or grandkids are bored while running around your shop, make them a horse attachment, they will love it. Of the news that there was, it seemed that technology on the wrist I found it easiest to drill through both legs at the same time.

How many 4 and 5 planes does one man need? Preview this project card. Wow, I think I should make some of these in my shop too.