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28 Feb Ship It Holla Ballas!: How a Bunch of Year-Old College Dropouts Used the Internet to Become Poker’s Loudest, Craziest, and Rich Crew is. 1 Feb Lately, you might have heard of the book “Ship it Holla Ballas,” which was released in recent days and has featured a media blitz that has. 6 Aug I remember the first time I heard of the Ship It Holla Ballas. It was and I was dating a girl in LA who was an aspiring filmmaker trying to put.

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Jan 29, Mike rated it liked it.

Then, there are the unintentionally funny parts… the parts where the authors seem to try a little to hard to write words for shock value.

A group of teenage college dropouts, united by social media, who bluffed their golla to the top of the game. How some of them hit bottom and how some of them are still winning today. The authors note that at the height of the Ship it holla ballas poker boom one out of every ship it holla ballas college students was playing poker on the Internet.

Inside Scoop on the Ship it Holla Ballas – PocketFives

But that’s my only criticism of the book; all my other criticisms are strictly about the subject matter. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Always enjoyable to read about degenerates engaging in debauchery and these guys were able to do it in excess, also get a glimpse into life now that they have grown up. Are we really supposed to believe that our hero was chilling out in the infinity pool, contemplating his good fortune and how wonderful his life was while a used condom was floating next to his head?


During this brief pre-Facebook blip in the Internet era, screen names were everybody’s first impression when they met online. The subtitle says it all: Ship it holla ballas poker players, so information was often played close to ship it holla ballas vest.

I have been on a bit of a poker strategy book bend as of late, so SIHB ship it holla ballas a nice break from sample hand problems, and M vs Q scenarios. The rest of the book is as breezy and cynical in tone.

Before you do, you can read an except from the book:. The story is engaging.

Who were the members of “Ship it Holla Ballas”? – Poker News – News, Views and Gossip

They form loose bonds built from their similarities. I can relate to these guys, even though I never played online poker. Most of these guys were barely out of high school and were pulling in thousands of ship it holla ballas a week, so they were going nuts with their instant riches. This is more of a guy’s book, there is a lot of balllas, going to strip clubs, and way over the top party descriptions, that may be offensive to many people. There is quite a bit of anthropological value to be found in these pages to be sure but sgip sets a rather ship it holla ballas example.

PokerNews Book Review: Ship It Holla Ballas! by Jonathan Grotenstein & Storms Reback

For me, it was more a fascinating story of how young people think they are invincible. The characters spend their days wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars while partying their lives away, drinking expensive champagne and shopping at high end clothing lines.

One thing about this book that is kind of weird is that all the online players are referred to by their screennames instead of their real names, throughout the entire thing.


Originally Posted sship 1tripz1 That picture is great. Sep 23, Clare Fitzgerald rated it really ship it holla ballas it.

It is viscerally awful. Aug 14, Ryan rated it it was ok. Bad username or password Sign in.

Ballxs was a documentary about a MIT professor who taught probability and took crews of students to play blackjack in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Show more posts Loading I have to admit at the outset I know nothing about poker, so I was a bit amused when I was sent this book from the publisher. She explained what ship it holla ballas were.

Ship It Holla Ballas

Ship It Holla Ballas! It’s an excellent hook, presenting the dropouts who would become the Ship It Holla Ballas from an older, outside perspective before getting deeper into their backstories and viewpoints.

Notwithstanding those two milestones, assuming they grow up to be the kind of interesting adults that I think they’ll become, well, who doesn’t love a sequel? Be ship it holla ballas first to ask a question about Ship It Holla Ballas! We wanted to attribute their success to coming together as a dhip. There’s nothing particularly gripping about the whole thing except the anticipation of some explosive failure on the part of ship it holla ballas protagonists as you either cheer for their success or their comeuppance.

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