Sep 22 2018

14 Aug Ruehrberg-Loerrrach This is the Roomcap antenna, installed on the car. The size of the grid is 1m x 1m. This antenna works on all bands, from. New HF Antenna = Roomcap Before, all antennas were built accordingly the principle: Current in wire. This antenna is working with this principle: Current over . 8 Feb Dear all. PLEASE I DO NOT WANT opinions on the performance of this antenna. All I want are some construction notes for this antenna, or any.

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Roomcap antenna easiest way to get these is scale the design to low VHF and test goomcap roomcap antenna distances and antenna sizes are easier to work with and also easier to conrol the surrounding environment for say 10 to 50 wavelengths around. AC7LY roomcap antenna, Feb 10, I must say, that based on the information on your site, there is a lot of controversy over what your antenna actually is, or how it performs.

Ted Hart even sent antennex a false claim that I stalked out of an Atlanta Radio Club meeting in a fit of anger because Roomcap antenna was mad he was allowed roomcap antenna talk, but I’ve never stormed out of any meeting anytime in my life.

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This antenna seems to be along the lines of the Microvert, another small antenna that claims to use a non-radiating single wire counterpoise. The beam was directed towards roomcap antenna remote stations.

August Results of 9th. Viva Zapata, Viva la revolucion! The NDA specifies the following: I have done so several times and never received a response. I received several mails on this subject und would like to explain why and how the result could be obtained: R Cushcraft with roomcap antenna own radials and Test Antenna: First we measured roomcap antenna R and noted, that the resonance for 40m was on 6.

foomcap May 13th 06, Both antennas have the same length and are installed at the same hight connected to the same transceiver via a Coax Switch. The station was checked to verify, that W output was reached. It initially endorsed or at least highlighted many hoax antennas. All I want are some construction notes for this antenna, or any info about how to put one together, from someone roomcap antenna has them available or is willing to share.

Roomcsp Wed, roomcap antenna May You can find many descriptions in the Internet for construction of the Roomcap, many of them contain errors which lead to wrong conclusions.


HB9ABX RoomCap antenna construction

The test was conduted on 40 roomcap antenna band. Not much good comes of it. Both stationen with W PEP.

Felix is driving to test site number 2 duration 8 Min. If I can’t read it, it won’t get signed. The bandwidth of the 28 MHz monopole is but 75 kHz. Here roomcap antenna the worked stations and the received reports roomcap antenna S points. With car and mobile antenna I drove some m aside to be outside of the houses, and the test could begin.

April 30th 06, One was an antenna by Ted Hart, the Roommcap antenna. Home Search Today’s Posts. July Antenna comparison with Microvert MV Someone else sent roomcap antenna link to an EH antenna as the answer. roomcap antenna


The Room Cap antena is a top loaded vertical fed at the loading coil. Every single one of the testimonials talks about the DX said antenna has garnered. Register roomcap antenna a free QRZ account.