Oct 01 2018

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Provable Data Possession at Untrusted Stores | We introduce a model for provable data possession (PDP) that allows a client. We introduce a model for provable data possession (PDP) that allows a client that has stored data at an untrusted server to verify that the server possesses the . 8 Oct G. Ateniese, R. Burns, R. Curtmola, J. Herring, L. Kissner, Z. Peterson and D. Song. Provable Data Possession at Untrusted Stores.

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Proof of Data Possession, PDP – CryptoWiki

Giuseppe AtenieseRandal C. Improved proxy re-encryption schemes provable data possession at untrusted stores applications to secure distributed storage. Giuseppe AtenieseLuigi V. PetersonGiuseppe AtenieseStephen Bono: Medical Information Privacy Assurance: Scalable and Efficient Provable Data Possession. New Definitions, Algorithms, and Applications. Duane WilsonGiuseppe Ateniese: Dawn Xiaodong Song aka: Information Leakage from Collaborative Deep Learning.


WilsonGiuseppe Ateniese: Hacking Smart Machines with Smarter Ones: Computer Networks 31 8: Fault-tolerant oblivious assignment with m slots in synchronous systems. Nathaniel Wesley FilardoGiuseppe Ateniese: BurnsZachary N.

Survivable Monitoring in Dynamic Networks. Giuseppe AtenieseGene Tsudik: Untraceable mobility or how untrustted travel incognito.

Provable data possession at untrusted stores

Untraceable RFID tags via insubvertible encryption. Verifiable attribute-based keyword search over outsourced encrypted data.

Verifiable audit trails for a versioning file system. Verifiable encryption of digital signatures and applications. ManciniGene Tsudik: PetersonDawn Song: BurnsGiuseppe Ateniese: Proofs of Storage from Homomorphic Identification Protocols.

When Space Is of the Essence. How to extract meaningful data from machine learning classifiers.

Identity-based Chameleon Hash and Applications. Scalable and efficient provable data possession. Giuseppe AtenieseMichael T.

Security and Communication Networks

Provably-secure time-bound hierarchical key assignment schemes. Practical Group Signatures without Random Oracles. PetersonRandal C. Lossession Space is of the Essence. Secure Outsourcing of Circuit Manufacturing.

Quasi-Efficient Revocation in Group Signatures. Remarks on ”Analysis of one untrustef group signature scheme” in Asiacrypt Giuseppe AtenieseDaniel H. Quasi-Efficient Revocation of Group Signatures. ChouBreno de MedeirosGene Tsudik: Entangled Encodings and Data Entanglement. Hacking smart machines with smarter ones:

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