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The Meade ETXEC, ETXEC, and the ETXEC are extremely array of features and manual controls facilitates operation of an ETX telescope. The Meade Premier Edition ETXPE and the ETXPE are extremely versatile, Lock: Controls the manual vertical movement of the telescope. Turning the. Meade ETX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Meade ETX Instruction Manual.

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This initial setup takes just a few minutes and, except for meade etx 90 manual the date and time maede each power-on, does not need to be repeated except in certain conditions like attaching the Autostar to a different ETX, correcting errors in the training, or changing your observing location.

OK, move telescope so that I can use Mizar and start over once again.

First night with the Autostar: I first noticed this when I saw that the table top leg mounting medae on the side of the base would have pointed skyward instead of earthward see figure 15 in the manual. It helps to use a rubber bottle-top manula to turn the cover plate if meade etx 90 manual is very tight.

As noted on the Scopetronix site, you must meade etx 90 manual the fork arms outward away from the OTA to allow the tube to slide rearward out of the fork.

It remains an optically fine astronomical instrument, and with the addition of the motorized controls will give even the casual amateur astronomer many hours of viewing pleasure. Left and right meade etx 90 manual presses result in left and right, respectively, movements of objects in the viewfinder.


But the initial Manuzl setup requires that you use terrestrial objects to “train” the Autostar for your drives.


maanual At the meade etx 90 manual slowest speeds, both the RA and DEC motors sounded “hesitant” in that there was no constant volume or frequency to the motor sound. I do not intend to address all the features of the Autostar on this page; just some of the features that most users will find useful and how well these features work.

With the Autostar meade etx 90 manual are nine slewing speed settings instead of four. Optically, the views are of the same excellence as with the original model.

ETX-90 Maksutov-Cassegrain Portable Observatory Manual (Size: 3.7 MB)

Autostar selects but does not get Sirius in the finder; I get meade etx 90 manual there. If you experience this failure you can contact Meade for the replacement part the “Right Tube Adapter” since almost anyone can do the repair.

I slew to center Sirius. But the ETX meade etx 90 manual about degrees past Betelgeuse. Meade will repair or replace a product, or manul thereof, found by Meade to be defective, provided the defective part is returned to Meade, freight-prepaid, with proof of purchase.

Once you know the basics you can navigate through the Autostar menus. I chose to add the washer.

Meade ETXEC Manuals

What follows is a step-by-step description of the disassembly and Right Tube Adapter replacement. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. I manually centered Sirius using the Autostar controls.

To find a dealer near you, call visit www. The Autostar didn’t get it in the finderscope’s field-of-view so I found and centered it manually meade etx 90 manual the Autostar slewing controls.


The extra power is required for the slewing and optional focusing motors and to power the Autostar. Storage and Transport When the telescope is not in use, store it in a cool, dry place. This manual also for: The Autostar put the Moon in the finderscope. Some star was placed in the finderscope but I could not confirm that it was the right meade etx 90 manual due to sky brightness.

ETX (90, 105, 125) EC Manual (Size: 0.9 MB)

Page 18 Soft Carry Bag: Being inside meade etx 90 manual observatory limited my ability to do a perfect alignment but I figured I would try it anyway. My concern here is that since the ETX line seems more targeted to the mass market consumer than their larger scopes, Meade is likely to meade etx 90 manual to step up to handling an increasing number of technical support calls with more interactivity.

The sheared off portion of the shaft is laying on the old adapter. At the time I was doing these tests, Meade was expected to release an update to the Autostar software on their web site. The message said I would be contacted within 24 hours so I left a voicemail message describing the problem and asking for troubleshooting details.