Nov 13 2018

(1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . [(16) “housing society” means a society, the object of which is to provide its. Section 91 of the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, was not attracted Act, ; but does not include a paying guest cooperative housing society. 28 Oct Recent changes in Maharashtra Co-op Society Act Following are some of Act, and also in the Model Bye-laws of Cooperative Housing.

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These words were substituted for the words “the Commissioner” ibid. Where the result of the inquiry shows that the allegations were not false, vexatious or malicious, but could not be proved, such cost may be borne by the State Government.

Transfer of disputes from one Cooperative Court to another and suspension of proceedings in certain cases. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. This portion was inserted, ibid. But another flat in Pune or Thane was allowed. All powers of the Registrar under the Act and the said rules not being powers under,—. Powers of State Government to postpone election.

Sub-section 3 was substituted ibid.

The Government in exercise of its power under Section IB of the Act postponed the conduct of election to the committees of all Cooperative Societies except those Section Registration of Mortgage, lease, etc. And, accordingly, any action taken by the Registrar in laying down the fees and expenses to be paid to him or the Co-operative Court for determining the disputes and other proceedings and for making them applicable also to the dispute and other proceedings pending immediately before the commencement of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Third Amendment Act, and transferred to the Co-operative Courts, and any fees already levied and collected or which may be levied and collected hereafter in the form of Court-fees, in cash or in any other manner, shall be deemed to be valid.


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The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, Communication of decision, award, etc. Provided that, the provisions of clause a shall not apply to an individual seeking admission to a society exclusively formed for the benefit of students of a school or college:.

Registrar’s powers to give directions to frame regulations. Section 96 was substituted by Mah. The State Government may, for reasons to be recorded, remove any disqualification under this Chapter or reduce the period of any such disqualification. Funds not to be utilised for certain proceedings filed or taken by or against officers in personal capacities.

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The Supreme Court observed Mode of communication of an interim order under Section Koimattur, Assistant Registrar C. Sub-section 10 and 11 were added by Mah. The content has been received from sources we believe to be reliable, and the content have not been independently verified by us, hence we make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of these documents.

On 4 Aprilthe Court passed an ex p All powers of the Registrar under the Act and under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, hereinafter referred to as “the said” rules not being powers under —.

Coperative of member of committee, new committee, authorised officers, where there is failure to elect member, to constitute committee or where committee does not enter upon office, etc.

These words were substituted for the words, brackets, letters and figures “delegates elected under sub-clause i and members nominated under sub-clause i-a of clause b of sub- section 1 ” by Man.

The Majarashtra may also make an order directing the society or its officers to take such action, as may be specified in the order to remedy the coopperative within the time specified therein. Or whether it will be different? Clause 1-a was inserted by Mah. Under byelaw number 3 25 family members means the following group of persons: This section was substituted for the original by Man.


The Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act,

Short title and extent. This Explanation was substituted for the original, by Mah.

Such declaration shall state that the applicant thereby, creates, a charge on such land or interest specified in the declaration for the payment of the amount of the loan which the society may make to the member in pursuance of the application, and for all future advances if anyrequired by xociety which the society may make to him as such member, subject to such maximum as may be determined by the society, together with interest on such amount of the loan and advances.

These words were substituted for the words “a period of three years has elapsed after the expiry” ibid. The person or persons so appointed to assist the Registrar and on whom any powers of the Registrar socoety conferred, shall work under the general guidance, superintendence and control avt the Registrar. Section13 Amendment of bye-laws of society 1 No amendment of the bye-laws of a society shall be valid until registered under this Act.

The Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, 1960

Further, after introduction of the Bill and Section Powers of Agriculture and Rural Development Bank where mortgaged or encumbered property is destroyed or security becomes insufficient.

Power to direct amendment of byelaws. Through maharashgra provision, powers Preparation of list of contesting candidates. All powers of the Registrar under the Act and under the said rules not being powers under—.

Champaklal Harakchand Kothari was a member of the Cooperative Society. Penalty for misconduct at the polling station. Sub-sections 22A2B were substituted for sub-section 2 by Mah.