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PDF | The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa is a book written by Sir Fredrick Lugard (the first colonial Governor General of Nigeria). It forms or constructs. Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January – 11 April ), known as Sir Frederick Lugard . Lugard’s The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa was published in and discussed indirect. Born to an English family in India in , Frederick Lugard rose to His The Dual Mandate, first published in , became a handbook for all.

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This earns them some recognition among the colonialists like Lugard. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. And darkness is not a subject for history. Denial of history or coevalness should be seen within the larger colonial discourse as a strategy of justifying occupation.

The Satiru encounter between the locals and the colonial army really existed, but whether this encounter is seen as an act of rebellion or an act of rightful resistance depends on how the discourse is constructed and whose voice is really more powerful and authoritative. The attempts of rulers to forcibly collect imposed colonial taxes bred discontentment in some parts of Yorubaland.

Massachusetts Review, 18, Anand, D. Put simply, it invariably means that the ideological viewpoints of people thd Lugard are those known or on offer, and the audience’s choice is narrowed to that which is available and to that which is from authoritative hegemonic sources.

Similarly, Taiwo sees even the educated Africans deferring to the whites and acceding to their superiority. The colonial army had a clash with the locals in Satiru a village who were resisting colonial occupation.

Although they were initially alarmed by it, the British government backed the proposal after subjecting it to considerable redrafting and it hhe eventually enacted. Individuals will carry a load of Ibs. In Northern Nigeria, Lugard permitted slavery within traditional elite families. Some believed that if the lugarc were carried through, Hong Kong might forever remain in British hands. Reflections on the history of an idea. Unlike northern and southwestern Nigeria, the mabdate in the southeast did not possess the centralized political system required for indirect rule to work.


He believed duual “the typical African His is an intertextual build-up of both colonial mission and nature of the colonial subject.

Lugard employs this strategy in his use of possessive and personal pronouns to refer to the whole Africans.

Lugard sees the physical nature of the blacks and its shades and hues of color in direct correlation with their intellectual and organizational advancement. As custodian of Africa’s resources, however, imperial Europe was committed to Africa’s development and the advancement and welfare of its people. Two important formulations here by Lugard are significant in seeing how such negation of historical roots could be discerned and better evinced using linguistic resources: The chronological distancing of the subaltern This aspect is referred to as ‘chronopolitics’.

Appearances and the outward become evidences of deeper realities and Lugard is able to analyze cultures of the people by their looks and the hue of their mandatee.

Moreover, Davis argues that the present tense can be used in about eight cases. Under indirect rule, mamdate emir’s allegiance shifted from the caliph to the colonial commissioner.

Dual Mandate, Africa

Words Tokens he his The african The negro 21 Table 2 In the use of ‘he’ and ‘his’ to refer to all Africans, apart from some few anecdotal cases involving clear references, all other cases are a blanket reference to a whole people. Continuum International Publishing Group.

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. In his most important work on British imperialism, The Dual Mandate in British Tropical AfricaLugard craftily articulated the basis for European imperial design in Africa and the dynamics of the colonial administrative system of indirect rule. It clearly makes a case for control. Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin argue that in colonial discourse, the subjectivity of the colonized is continually located in the gaze of the imperial Other.

Statements disembodied like those in the examples present reality and textual representation as indistinguishable. Hart sees Critical Discourse Analysis CDA as a particular form of discourse analysis which, in one perspective at least, seeks to loord the mandat and persuasive properties of text and talk which might not be immediately apparent without the assistance of a systemized descriptive framework such as a grammar or typology.

This discourse lrd sync well with the lhgard posture of the colonialists. It can be used as synopsis of a play, liturgical instructions in religious settings, for stage directions, in explaining photographs and maps and in science with facts especially when something is true by definition and true by induction and experience.


Its truth as such has resonance only within its formulation at a higher level of discursive construction.

Here the most pertinent disciplines are ethnography and historical linguistics, and it is the latter that seems to have provided what will look, at least for a while, like a real beginning, the first encounter.

She died in January ; Lugard survived her by sixteen years and died on 11 Aprilaged Ulgard in association with the Open University. According to Lugard, Britain held a dual responsibility in Africa: Units of Administration—Climate and physical characteristics of ‘: Pottinger Davis Bonham Bowring H.

A Mahdi rebellion in at the Satirua village near Sokoto, resulted in the total destruction of the town and huge numbers of casualties. Arounda group of Swahili traders under Mlozi bin Kazbadema established trading bases in the north-west sector of Lake Malawiincluding a stockade at Chilumba on the lake from where ivory and slaves could be shipped across the lake. Under this system, local administrative powers resided in the native authority made up of traditional rulers or chiefs with jurisdiction over a native treasury and native courts.

Indirect Rule in Southeastern Nigeria, — Thr constructing realities, the mandaye attempt to construct mxndate which make themselves be seen as rescuers and civilizers and with superior culture.

Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard – Wikipedia

It offered a comprehensive evaluation lors the nature and challenges of British rule in Africa. The aim of discourse analysis here is to be able to deconstruct and reveal those mystified constructions with the aim of creating awareness. InBritish control over the whole protectorate was made possible by a successful campaign against the emir of Kano and the sultan of Sokoto.

The dominant group in the society has better access to discourse or channels for the dissemination of information than other groups.