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If I Fall by Shirlengtearjerky (Leng de Chavez) Taglish, P Illustrated by James John Andres Available nationwide in bookstores, newsstands and online. 6 May Just Finished Reading “If I Fall Book 1” by Shirlengtearjerky from Wattpad. People might say “Corny tagalog!” But what the heck I can relate. 30 Apr If I Fall By Shirlengtearjerky Pdf Download > If I Fall By Shirlengtearjerky Pdf Download aecd9d6ae7 It is the only PDF file.

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On Books: Twenty Four (Reading The Spaces in Between by Shirlengtearjerky) – Books and Meadows

You see the if i fall shirlengtearjerky process, because, to be honest, love doesn’t just fakl instantly. But then, this is just a ig theory. And I love him for that. And yes, I am using a reference here. Fate was already working its magic before they even existed. Kasi ano pang sense ng isang istorya kung walang growth ang mga karakter? Turns out, I was the only one fighting that battle.

But kinda thankful if i fall shirlengtearjerky that. I rarely appreciate Wattpad stories these days. Sobrang layo lang na akala ko hindi talaga si Leng nagsulat ng IIF.


Some are too personal. But I like it for that reason. You wake up everyday and realize that things are not, and will never be, the same.

The word wherein A and Z were used together. I was rooting for SethRang duh! Gusto ko na hindi si If i fall shirlengtearjerky ang pinili ni Barbs. I kinda hated Barbs for that. Really, not everyone could do it as amazing as Ate Leng did. We also see the growth among the characters individually. Akala ko sobrang babaw ni Barbs, pero may pinanghuhugutan pala talaga siya. Sabi nga ni If i fall shirlengtearjerky sa Chap 39, “Some things are worth slowing down for. There is Karmic Hearts, I’m MissyLily from Wattpad, or just simply Lily.

A classmate of mine found this certain book boring because of its slow pace, while to me, it was just written in a very awesome way. Let yourself feel it. And this story depicted every step exquisitely.

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The thing that made me finished reading IIF was my love for the author. I was too angry because Barbs made the worst decision. And that Instax film did it!

It was just too cute. I just really want to commend Leng de Chavez if i fall shirlengtearjerky another masterpiece. I hated Denn and Leiza for some reason and that made me want to dig for their story more. Shirlnegtearjerky Last Request chapter broke me, well Photograph chapter build me! And, since the latest update really buzzed the thing with Twenty Four, I was once again intrigued with that word.


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I was too hurt for Seth. I planned to, but my laziness got in the way, so I never tried. April March May Reply Leave a Reply.

Sorry not sorry hehe. Kayo na may love life leche! Books and Meadows Blog About Contact. My good cry was the recent shirlengrearjerky — Photograph. This is where I babble over a few of the things I love the most: Mabagal din ang flow ng story. We see them two both if i fall shirlengtearjerky individuals and as partners.