Jun 11 2019

ebook: . Notes: – eBook: information, and more especially, to prevent free-energy devices of Bob’s design are shown in , but. · Comments. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print.

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Not logged in [ Login – Register ]. Background download Appendix Part 2 Size 4 Mb, containing: Pjkbooj HydroStar and HydroGen. Once again, conventional science says that this is impossible, which in turn, demonstrates that conventional science is out of date and needs to be expanded to include these observed facts.

With one method, Tesla directs the output on to a single metal plate and powers a load between the plate and the earth. I point eneergy that if the laws of the universe permitted overunity to occur at all, somewhere, some place a feedback loop would have been created by now that would have torn the universe apart. Interestingly the patent does not mention the OP’s thread title material, using instead terms like Ferro-Liquid, vibrating fluid, bowl of water.

If you think you can make a closed system, then I would be delighted if you would tell me how.

Today, aircraft weighing hundreds of tons fly on a daily basis. Notice that, it is the environment providing the power and not the sailors. This is not the case, nor is it correct to say that the engine is powered by the gas produced.

Certainties in the year A metal aeroplane weighing tons couldn’t possibly fly – everyone knows that!! But — where does that lost heat energy go? The concepts of capturing heat in one place and releasing it in another were just short of understanding doctorate level quantum physics.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

So, just to get it straight in your mind, when you make a battery, the chemical action inside the battery creates a Plus terminal and a Minus terminal. Free-Energy explained Chapter 1: Kelly Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: It is the same thing over and over. So, because of this, the main subject is the next generation of commercial devices, devices which do not need a fuel in order to function and power our homes and vehicles, devices which operate no matter what the weather is doing.


Understanding what circuit diagrams mean Semiconductors — Transistors.

You must transmit that power over lines. We are in the same position as people were with electrical current five hundred years ago — there was just no equipment around which could be used to make the measurement. If you pull in, stars light years away even by a nano metre a year, then you must get this energy back e. The Adams-Aspden electrical motor-generator patent.

– Free Energy

However, it is possible to change www random nature of this energy and convert it into a source of unlimited, everlasting power which can be used for all of the things we use mains electricity for today – powering motors, lights, heaters, fans, pumps, The reason for this is human rather than technical. For whatever reason, conventional science appears determined not to accept this basic fact and denies it at every opportunity.

Half of these particles have a positive charge and half of them have a negative charge, and as they are evenly spread out in three-dimensional space, the overall average voltage is zero. I say this over and over in these discussions — those that argue it might be possible have no idea just how deep this rabbit hole goes, just how profound these Laws are.

Yes undiscovered convertible energy is germane, It is something I said to look for before the conclusion that Thermodynamics needed be altered was required. Eratosthenes did by observing the shadows in two wells some kilometres apart.


What length of time does the current need to be in the coil to make the magnet? The power rating of each item of equipment is normally shown on a plate or sticker on the back of the unit. Will the shuttle still be yk via the duct? Again, Power Out with no Power In. This process was pjkbok in minute detail by Michael Faraday who determined the most energy efficient possible conditions for electrolysis of water.

This is a very convenient theory, but unfortunately it has no basis in reality.

Enjoy your research — I hope you are successful in every respect. They succeeded in intimidating him into stopping his demonstrations or publishing the exact details of how to replicate his aerial power system. How far back in the past?

HHO is actually useful, though not for the reason most enthusiasts pursue it. However, let us now consider a device built by John Bedini, another talented man in America.

You make sound like you know a thing or two about thermodynamics… Could you please explain this to me?

This is not a magical machine but a new recover to use accelerating mechanism to efficiently increase alternator rotating speed to generate electricity at full load.

This is was the frer before the laws of thermodynamics were firmly established, and so many educated pjkbolk believed that perpetual motion was possible. I have had so many arguments on line with those that seem to think that one day someone will make a breakthrough on this issue that I have lost count.