HTML5 Camera Access with BridgeIt

BridgeIt is the easiest way to add hybrid HTML5 camera access to any mobile web app. A simple JavaScript API provides easy HTML5 camera access so you can quickly develop cross-platform mobile apps with web-based access to the native device camera.

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Video Transcript - HTML 5 Camera Access

BridgeIt enables developers to add HTML5 camera access to web applications. Using my android device I am going to use the HTML 5 camera access to take a picture of an awesome dinosaur my son made for me. We are now in the BridgeIt demo web application. From the web application I am going to press the “take a photo” button.

The HTML5 camera access integration with the native device goes directly to the camera on my android phone. Here we see the dinosaur that I want to share with the rest of the world. I am going to take the picture. Select the check mark to say I’d like that picture. And then we see BridgeIt integrating with the web application. The web application now shows us a thumbnail with the picture we have taken and if we press a button we can see the full version of the picture in the web page. We highly recommend you return to this BridgeIt demo with your own mobile device and experience some of the other native features for yourself. BridgeIt, available on Android, IOS and Windows 8 phone.