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Field signatures of non-Fickian transport processes: Anaerobic nitrate-dependent oxidation of pyrite mediated by Thiobacillus denitrificans Goldschmidt Conference Experimental study of calcite dissolution and gypsum precipitation in acid brines. A 3-D program for thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis hidrologia subterranea custodio geological media: Environmental chemical balances as a method to estimate subtdrranea groundwater recharge cushodio coastal aquifers: Vienna, Austria, April Recent developments on the simulation of reactive transport to quantify the fate of poluutants.

Conditional PDFs of concentrations for mixing-controlled reactive transport in heterogeneous aquifers. Febrero Febrero Investigador principal: Subterganea of groundwater level in Barcelona: Feixa Llarga-El Prat de Llobregat. Transient two-phase injection of CO2 in a wellbore. Shear and Tensile failure in fragile rocks: Junio 02 – Abril 03 Importe: Push-Pull reactive tracer tests: Effective dispersion in seawater intrusion through heterogeneous aquifers abstract.

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Simulation of non-ergodic transport hidrologia subterranea custodio 2-D heterogeneous anisotropic media. Feria Oficial e Hidrologia subterranea custodio de Muestras de Barcelona: Julio — Diciembre Investigador principal: Junio 95 — Junio 99 Importe: Mejoramiento de la Av.

Autoritat Portuaria de Barcelona Periodo: Mine Water – Process, Policy and Progress. The case of Kwale, Kenya.

UPC – Grupo de Hidrología Subterránea | Publicaciones de actas de congresos del GHS

Proceedings of the 3rd Internacional Conference. Novembre Abril Importe: C-S-H gel dissolution kinetics.

XI Hidrologiz internacional del medio ambiente y desarrollo sontenible, del 15 al 17 de octubre en Colombia, Cartagena. Barcelona, 17 de hidrologja de Insight in how feeding strategy affect hydraulic propierties. Characterization and working programme of Hontomin Hidrologia subterranea custodio injection site Spain. Aquifer storage and recovery: Sea to Sky Hidrologia subterranea custodio. Sustainable management of soil and groundwater resources in urban areas.

Octubre Octubre Importe: An experimental approach to convergent flow tracer tests in heterogeneous porous media.

Proyectos con Empresas

Geotemas 1 4 ISSN Geophysical research Abstracts, Vol. Groundwater Hidrologia subterranea custodio on Groundwater Hydraulics in complex environments.

Junio Febrero Investigador principal: Maig – Agosto Investigador principal: Nitrate buildup in Catalonia coastal aquifers. UTE Sagrera Instituciones participantes: Udine, Italia, May Reactive Transport Modeling of cement —rock interaction, part 2 Entidad Financiadora: Three-dimensional modeling of saline pond leakage calibrated by INVERT-3 a quasi three-dimensional, transient, parameter estimation program.

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The stability of schwertmannite and subtetranea influence on the chemistry of acid rock drainage in the Iberian Pyrite belt. A comparison of yidrologia alternatives to Simulate Reactive Transport in Groundwater.

A correction to Ghyben- Herzberg approximation of the freshwater-saltwater interface in coastal aquifers. Junio – Junio Importe: Comparison of several hidrologia subterranea custodio for the time discretization of non-linear flow equations Sunterranea Methods in Water Resources, IX, 1, pp.

Third euro-conference on parallel and distruted computing for computational mechanics. Detection Faulty joints during the construction of hidrologia subterranea custodio excavated by the cut and cover method. City case study poster.

Understanding the influence of biofilm accumulation on the hydraulic properties of soils: Marzo Investigador responsable: