Nov 08 2018

, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Hibernate made easy: simplified data Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations / by Cameron McKenzie. Hibernate made easy: simplified data persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations. by Cameron McKenzie. Print book. English. Documenting my progress through Cameron McKenzie’s “Hibernate Made Easy”.

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If you read and do the example during weekend by Monday you can not only code you can eaxy other developer what is Hibernate and how it work and how the application should implement in your project. It’s simply awesome book.

Is the PDF version of this book available? Its AprilGift me your book. You say read these books, yet give no basis for doing so. Is this book still worth buying?

So it didn’t mention that you can have Hibernate automatically search your classpath for Entity classes, but used addAnnotatedClass method calls. Hi Cameron hibernxte, Finally i bought your book hibernate made easy.

He also shows you how to design the persistence layer using Data Access Object and Factory design patterns. This is ok, and might be fixed by the time you buy the book. It is a database tool that I would not live without. You mean, you want an Hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie edition of that book? Although the book is priced a little on the high end, but let me assure you, if you want to understand the fundamentals of Hibernate quickly, this book is worth every penny.

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Earlier this week, I received the book. Self-publishing makes everything a tad more mave. As the title says, this book intends to make learning Hibernate as easy as possible. Hi Cameron, Hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie see this topic, you are amazing. Cameron Wallace McKenzie wrote: This is the book that helped me “get” Hibernate. That makes learning faster and focused. I am typing it all by hand.

Thanks aesy lot for writing a book like this. It immediately enlightens me on the concept of Hibernate.

And my first impression after reading the first 3 chapters of the book? Your book cost me INR which is 6 times higher the other books in India eaey i don’t regret it. However, it has a steep learning curve.

Recommended books for Hibernate framework

This page seems nothing more than some link to some books In Hibernate Made Easy, author Cameron McKenzie does a hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie job in getting someone who is brand new to Hibernate, up and running quickly and understanding the basics of Hibernate to effectively take on its learning curve.


I want to learn purchase its Indian edition to learn Hibernate. Cameron seems to have vanished into thin air. Hi Cameron Wallace McKenzieI did not read your book but your book on hibernate is having very high rating in Amazon.

If you are just learning Hibernate, I highly recommend this book to take you on the path of righteousness. What made me very pleasantly surprised was the author even considered how to design the layout of the book so that his readers will take most comfort in.

Hibernate Made Easy

Emmanuel Bernard, John Griffin B. Can you tell us what is the progress. Still I can not see the book in bookstore Cameron: