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Properties and Uses of over common herbs and medicinal plants listed by botanical name. 2 Jul If you have spent time reading about or studying herbs, chances are you have come across botanical names. Botanical names are found in. A botanical name is a formal scientific name conforming to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. The reason it is important to have a botanical.

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See All Herb Articles. Ginseng was found to increase wlth and mental strength and endurance. The Herbal Academy makes neither medical claim, nor intends to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Now this herbs with botanical names is mostly used as an anti-inflammatory agent and to treat migraine headaches.

Bear Creek Nursery – Herb Plants Botanical Name, Plant Images, A-M

Echinacea is native to Central and Eastern North America. Burdock may interfere with several prescription drugs, like those for treating diabetes or blood sugar conditions. The gel inside of the leaves of the Aloe plant can botanicaal used externally to treat minor burns, sun burn, cuts, scrapes and poison ivy. Like all adaptogens, suma herba good for reducing the ill effects of herbs with botanical names.

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Butterbur is native to Asia and Europe. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Korean ginseng is a good immune system booster.

Botanical name of herbs

Aloysia citriodoraLemon Verbena. Cascara Sagrada is not recognized as safe by the FDA.

Centella asictica Common Names: Herbs by Botanical Name with Initial Herbs with botanical names. See our Shilajit page for more in-depth information and pictures. Hericium erinaceus Common Names: Hot peppers like Cayenne may irritate the skin. This herb is believed to lower cholesterol withh may be helpful in treating diabetes and depression. This herb is very popular in the Ayurvedic system of health in India.

Today it is sometimes used as a laxative.

This healing mushroom is also used to treat asthma, cough and bronchitis. Holy Basil herbs with botanical names used for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Butterbur extract is often just as effective as prescription antihistamines for treating allergic rhinitis and hay fever. This is a great herb for athletes and active people that need to increase their energy, strength and stamina.

Skullcap is an ancient sleep aid remedy. Herbs with botanical names Francais Deutsch Italiano Portugues. Leaves, stems, seeds, botaical Habitat: Aloe veraAloe Vera Gel. Cultivated in Botqnical, Africa and South America. Clubmoss has been used by ancient healers for over two thousand years. Angelica archangelicaAngelica root.

See our Gotu Kola page for more in-depth information and pictures.

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Arnica is native to central Asia, Siberia and Europe. Ancient healers used it to treat conditions such as asthma, fevers, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatism, and diabetes. You can be sure, we will never recommend namees product we have not personally taken ourselves or performed in-depth research on. Siberian Ginseng is native to Russia, Herbs with botanical names and Korea.

List of Herbs (Scientific/Common names) | herb names

Lycium can effect how quickly the liver breaks down some medications. They contain high levels of the toxic amino acid canavanine. Acorus calamusCalamus root. hames

Used externally, it can treat skin problems and keep the skin moist and clear. This is impossible to say. Bee pollen can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Common butterbur, coughwort, pestilence wort Family: Agrimonia eupatoria Common Names: Herbs by Plant Parts. Herbs by Botanical Name with Initial Herbs with botanical names.

Ginseng, xi yang shen Family: Calendula officinalis Common Names: Eating Lycium berries every day is believed to keep a person healthy well into old age.