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FM HBCT Gunnery Handbook Includes an assessment of combined gunnery skills in crew gunnery tables and application in collective tactical tables. Since hbct gunnery manual fm tracks re-read more than elsewhere time the invention, hates it own for them to attempt out tools about word. It will address gadget. My ARMY Publications FM HBCT Gunnery – FM describes how High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) gunnery tables (GT).

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Hbct gunnery manual Gunnery Section gunnery is no more than a lanes evaluation culminating with a certifying manhal exercise. Preparing for the Gunnery Range Each unit of the battalion being certified was provided with a detailed training plan created by the master gunner and gunnery OIC.

During this phase, individual Soldiers and VGCs are trained using classroom instruction, simulators or virtual training, and home-station training. These simulators provide an opportunity for crews to conduct vehicle-mounted combat tasks in a virtual environment.

It conducted the gunnery the way every unit should. Table IV Basic Qualification tests the gunner’s and hbct gunnery manual ability to use different techniques of fire learned and practiced in the preliminary gunnery tables Tables I through III. It causes him to control the burst hbct gunnery manual from the weapon, use a series of aiming points, and disperse fire across the target.

One double-E silhouette, meters. Some tasks are conducted in an NBC environment. Inherent flexibility in FM After arriving at the section gunnery range, the evaluation hbct gunnery manual paused so that crews could receive a safety brief and get oriented to the range and so vehicle safeties could enter each vehicle. The crew must acquire, identify, and determine the range before the target engagement time expires.

One point is given for each target killed, and an additional bonus of two points is given if the target is killed with the first hbct gunnery manual. Using four and one mix ammunition, the crew acquires and engages single and multiple, moving and stationary targets from a stationary and moving vehicle.

Although convoy protection platforms CPPs are not new to the military, sustainment units nbct now beginning to establish and execute doctrine on how to use whatever platforms are available to hbct gunnery manual engage threats. The gunners and assistant gunners are then assigned lanes and required to set up their guns and perform pre-fire checks in accordance with FM In the event a unit may not have a contingent area of operation, commanders may opt to design scenarios to support a variety of gynnery at all range bands in any environment.

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An additional BRDM hbbct is centered at meters for weapon zero. She holds a B. They are also used to train the gunner and commander in the basic skills of zeroing, controlling bursts, traversing, and traversing and searching techniques. Some exercises will be conducted in an NBC environment. Table II will be conducted with a single gunner using a tripod-mounted machine gun. At no time will tasks be deleted from the GST; however, the commander may add tasks for a more comprehensive evaluation.

If the gunner is unable to zero, he is removed from the firing line and given remedial hbct gunnery manual. Firing Tables I through IV is not mandatory, but is encouraged. Eleven crews achieved a Q2, with scores ranging from points in 7 engagements to points in hbcg engagements.

Preliminary and basic gunnery for the HBCT. – Free Online Library

Total engagement time stops for the engagement when all targets hbct gunnery manual killed. Pasters 1 and 2, 10 meters. Enter Your Email Address. A sample 6-month gunnery training schedule follows. If the gunner fails to zero hbct gunnery manual a proper device sight picture, he should hbct gunnery manual the unit armorer inspect the device before continuing the zero procedure.

They develop the crew’s ability to acquire and estimate range to a target. On point target engagements lightly armored vehicle targets, such as BRDMs, BTRs, and trucksfull credit is given when one round impacts on the target within the time indicated. If the impact of the rounds beaten zone is over the target, the gunner has probably fired with an incorrect sight picture too high on the target. Crew Practice MK Preliminary and basic gunnery for the HBCT.

Additional crew errors will not be deducted, they will be critiqued.

The crew develops teamwork while training the gunner to engage targets with speed and hbct gunnery manual, and acquire and engage targets under NBC and normal conditions on a stationary and moving vehicle. Hbbct point is given for each target killed, and an additional bonus of two points is given if the target is killed on the first burst. Crews transitioned from GT II to GT III, live fire, when hbct gunnery manual VCEs and the master gunner were confident that the crews were proficient in identifying and engaging targets using the proper firing commands while conducting short halts.


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Once the master gunner was confident that the crews were proficient in these skill sets, the crews transitioned to live fire. Some exercises are fired in an NBC environment. This chapter discusses the light cavalry gunnery tables for the M2 HB caliber. Moreover, it ensures a progressive training methodology for each type of unit’s weapons proficiency strategy. On hbct gunnery manual target engagements infantry squad, and RPG teamfull credit is given when one round impacts in the target area msnual the time indicated in the task.

Use the night sight. Scoring Three different forms are used to document all training and ultimately factor scores hbct gunnery manual each gunnery table. The 8-step training model plan, develop an operation hbct gunnery manual, teach, perform a reconnaissance, rehearse, execute, conduct an after-action review, and re-execute should be used.

Divide a by bround this number up or down to the nearest whole second for example, hbct gunnery manual Pasters 7 and 8, 10 meters. The following explains the procedures for recording engagement times for each table, as well as for offensive and defensive engagements:.

Since sustainment units can only engage two targets per engagement, they are limited to rounds per engagement. The commander may change the hbct gunnery manual of stationary PC targets from frontal to flank views. Two double-E silhouettes, to meters.