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26 Jul I must begin with a clarification, John Lennox is one of my favorite authors. This even despite the fact that I consider myself an agnostic, leaning. God and Stephen Hawking has ratings and 90 reviews. Manny In this swift and forthright reply, John Lennox, Oxford mathematician and author of ‘God’s. John Lennox. In his latest book, the world’s most eminent physicist Stephen Hawking argues that the laws of physics, not the will of God, provide the real.

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Mar 20, Ryan Manns rated it pennox liked it Shelves: Here, once more, he moves out beyond science into the very realm of philosophy whose death he announces in the very same book. The “un-scientifically-answerable questions” are answered equally well by philosophy if not better as they are by religion. Because Hawking has both an inadequate concept of God and of philosophy, he blunders into a further series of errors by asking us to choose between God and the laws of physics.

Why is there something rather than nothing? Universe can create itself without God! It’s a tedious task to read as I’ve yet to encounter one good argument; instead I’ve found a tsephen of insults and worthless writing intended to let a theistic reader fall back into a lazy train of thought. Almost every science book I pick up which ain’t that many has a whack of crap to say about God.

Although Hawking’s argument is being hailed as controversial and ground-breaking, it is hardly new. Whose Design is it Anyway?

God and Stephen Hawking, a Review (John C. Lennox) – Jakub Ferencik – Medium

Yes the book is written to criticize Hawking’s book -‘The grand design’. His reasons stepheen incorrigible. But I want more! It is not necessary to sephen God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going. Intelligent arguments from a brilliant mathematician. Apr 17, Joey rated it did not like it Shelves: Just as strong is the obvious reality that we are moral beings, capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong.


Offering people the choice between God and science is therefore illogical. Jan 10, Douglas G. I wish I had a dollar for every atheist that has faith in Space Aliens To a degree human history and religious accounts of creation come to us in the form of stories or myths. He does so primarily by showing that Hawking engages in unproven assertions that are beyond the capacity and realm of science at least in this point of time in which physicists are unable to gather data from the beginning of the big bang.

He says that the existence of gravity means the creation of the universe was inevitable.

God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway? | John Lennox

I believe that it was a crucial book for this time and for the evangelical world; it is important to defend your beliefs if a world-renown physicist, or anyone else for that matter, decides to disregard them. It’s amazing how religion seems to touch just about everything. Lennox never fails to suprise me. I doubt very much that parsing each sentence would have made any difference.

Hawking comes across as a well intentioned hypocrite; he insists that philosophy is dead, but uses philosophy to make his point. Hawking has an agenda with his science, as does Richard Dawkins and a gaggle of other self-declared enlightened professors. For my part, Hawking should have lennoc to astrophysics and Lennox to math neither of which is useful to the debate and left the speculation to pundits.

God and Stephen Hawking, a Review (John C. Lennox)

They define the range of questions that science is permitted to ask in such a way that God is excluded from the start; and then they claim that God is unnecessary, or doesn’t exist. The book was followed by several others in the same vein Wilks and Taylor,7 I am well sephen that chaotic considerations sensitivity to initial conditions make this prediction practically impossible for all but the first few ricochets of the ball. I could quote from this book all day.

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The idea of a completely independent observer, free of all preconceived theories, doing investigations and coming to unbiased conclusions that constitute absolute truth, is simply a myth. If he is not, stepheen should have told us.

Once again, God means in superhuman or pantheistic form? Lennox writes so that I don’t need to be a “science buff” to know exactly what has been said and how it is inaccurate. If anything they raised more questions than the multiverse concept. You might lenox like: But in sfephen for there to be a real universe the connections must be given something to good a torrent of opaque actualities must be fed into the pattern.

Or does not he mean that creator is a force as what pantheists believe? Lennox also adds later, “The interesting thing about those who espouse various kinds of relativism: Lennox does a beautiful job of pointing out Stephen Hawking’s many self-contradictions in his book The Grand Design.

There is no purely scientific reason to believe in an ensemble of universes.

Even if you differ with Lennox on a point or two, his clear style and succinct arguments will equip you in thinking through these issues on your own. It is self-evident that a jet engine could have not have been created by the laws of physics on their own—that task needed the intelligence and creative engineering work of Whittle. He’s not some nobody Goodreads Talking Donkey who writes down every bodily noise that blurts out from his orifices. So why did I read this book at all?! Undoubtedly Hawking is one of the genius cosmologist alive.

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