Jan 12 2019

Eugene Rogan from North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula, and for the depth in which it explores every facet of modern Arab history. To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos. Years of. Buy The Arabs: A History by Eugene Rogan (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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A couple of the names were already familiar to me Hanan Ashrawi and Nawal El Saadawi but most were new. I learned a tremendous amount.

Such high-handed justice provoked nationalist resistance in the decades that followed, but Bimbashi McPherson, the British security chief who faced down strikes and demonstrations inwas contemptuous: See 1 question about The Arabs….

Ottoman period salem I specifically with a lot of details about the al mamalik and Muhammad Ali. While talking about king crane commission Ch. There were other disappointments, of which the catastrophic defeat of the Arab armies in Palestine in was the most obvious. Also conclude that whoever could understands arabbs internal Lebanese conflict can understands the conflict in the Middle East region. Today is a day of mass murder in Brussels a city that I have come historh know.

Highly recommended I listened to gistory Tantor Media recording, with excellent narration by Derek Perkins. Sep 30, Narmin rated it it was amazing Shelves: To understand a people and the ways in which they think, it’s vital to understand their history. He didn’t even bother to address it – it was omitted completely.

The Arabs: A History

The ottomans giving way to imperialism and then to uncertainty of the post WWI settlement and further to Cold War and finally to the reality of American hegemony over world affairs. Account Options Sign in. This section more than made up for the slow read that preceded it.

One of the longest sections in the book dealt with the Israeli-Arab conflict omits the following enormously important facts: Refresh and try again. It amazed me how little of this I knew prior to reading Eugene’s book despite being Arab born and raised in an Arab country. To date, there have been very few popular histories covering either the Arab world, or the Middle East in particular, so Rogan’s work fills an essential gap.


It begins with the tumultuous shockwaves in Arab societies caused by nationalism and the Palestinian-Israeli eutene.

The Arabs by Eugene Rogan | Book review | Books | The Guardian

How have we come to this pass? Such atrocities played a leading role in persuading the British they could not continue to exercise a mandate in Palestine. The relevance of the Arab region in History and our future cannot be denied, and the importance of understanding their history cannot be understated. For example, he eugebe shocked to find that in France the “men are slaves to the women here and under their command irrespective of whether they are pretty or not”.

And Sadat’s expulsion of Soviet military advisers in led to Russia increasing its military supplies to Egypt. Then buy the book and take your time absorbing its history and its lessons. His observations eubene admiration with revulsion.

A History — Third Edition. S was due to the impairment of the USSR. This was my second attempt to read into Arab history. Algerian independence was achieved at the cost of a remarkably hard-fought and bloody war. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. It is also where the most intense political activity is happening. Today, Arab fear of the west and resentment at the humiliating and socially damaging effects of westernisation fuels Islamism and the spread of terrorism.

I felt like the book lacked something crucial by omitting these things. The book starts with the brutal Ottoman conquest of Mamluk Egypt, in the 16th century, glossing over the Golden Age of the Arab World, and the cultural and ethno-linguistic process of Arabization that made it ‘Arab’ in the first place.

The current situation in the Arab world is so complex that when you get through with this book you still won’t have the answers but you should at least have a better understanding of the questions. It’s easy to be carried away by the dominant narratives and the stereotypes of the Arab world while staying confused about the real causes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


If he HAD mentioned the concessions the Palestinians were to make such as stemming the spread of terror organizations and halting the indoctrination of children in Gaza with violent religious fundamentalismhe would have been forced to note that the Palestinians failed miserably in this regard.

Rogan was a student of Albert Hourani, the author of A History of the Arab Peoplesan eloquent and predominantly upbeat account of Arab achievements over the centuries.

Starting with the Ottoman conquests in the sixteenth century, this landmark book follows the story of the Arabs through the era of European imperialism and the Superpower rivalries of the Cold War, to the present However the writer made me love to discover more about the ottomans era.

And after the epilogue, it left me hanging, wanting a sequel and a prequel. Mar 23, Caroline rated it it was amazing Shelves: A biased, selective, and misleading history of the middle east conflict. I disagree, there’s certainly not the usual judgmental perspective, but the author is pretty objective on what he’s saying. Soon enough, I found my interest flagging towards the middlewhen the book discusses the colonization of Egypt and the Levant.

Starting with the Ottoman conquests in the sixteenth century, this landmark book follows the story of the Arabs through the era of European imperialism and the Superpower rivalries of the Cold War, to the present age of unipolar American power.

Why did the US bomb the crap out of Saddam Hussein, the rather badass-looking guy with the same birthday as mine? He gave an account of Bonaparte’s savants conducting flashy scientific experiments, hoping to awe the city’s religious scholars.