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Yes. I’ve attended durgasaptashati quite a lot of times till date.. It’s the chanting of shlokas given in durgasaptashati. Every shloka itself has a lot of important. IMPORTANT GUIDELINES ON SHIVYOG DURGA SAPTASHATI SADHANA, EVERYONE PLEASE READ TILL THE END: There are few important pointers with. The Shiv Yog Durga Saptashati (DSS) book is an easy to understand summary of the Shiv Yog DSS programme which a practitioner uses to perform his daily.

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Kaithab on the other hand is the way we react when we know someone has been saying bad things about us or is criticising us. Such is durga saptashati shivyog power and grace of our great divine mother.

The story then concludes with durga saptashati shivyog king and vaishya being blessed by the divine mother herself whereby the King goes back and fights and gets back his kingdom and rules it justly. Paves the way for easy achievement of goals in life. The Shaptashati itself is encoded as a storynot just any story but a detailed description of the wars fought by the great mother.

So the beej mantras of the Madhyama charitra or that of the Mahalakshami will remove the ego and help us towards our ultimate goal. Baba explained the symbolism of Madhu Kaithabdurga saptashati shivyog Madhu is when durga saptashati shivyog start saying nice things about othersi. Healing of physical diseases.

Then is the mahatmya of Maha Lakshmi who then comes down upon the request of Indra and other Devatas to destroy Mahishashurwho is a mayavi an illusionist who can take any form and confuse his enemies. I personally think that it is not bad to have desiresso long that they are things we badly want.

Babaji said that it has been his mission durga saptashati shivyog spread the knowledge of the nectar of Durga Shaptashati to as many people as possible before the ascension of 21 st Dec when this earth will evolve into a higher dimension, He wants all the sadhaks to raise their vibration in sync with that of mother earth so that we can evolve to a higher dimension with her.

Each Beej Mantra is durga saptashati shivyog living entity and invokes the Goddess in some form. It speaks of bloodshed after bloodshed of all the great demons of the ancient times. So, we realize through this practice that the devils of Mahishasur, Madhu-Kaitabh, Shumbh-Nishumbh and Raktabeej are not external entities but symbolic of bad qualities within us.


The moment babaji entered the hall, it was an exhilarating experience, the darshan and grace durga saptashati shivyog a divine master is something that cannot be described but only experienced.

It at times becomes so bloody that it becomes difficult to see the divine beloved mother on a battle field surrounded by all these dangerous disgusting demons. Saptashati is a facilitator in us becoming aware of the fact that when we kill the bad tendencies, we are showered with great boons, material wishes and spiritual ascension.

Just like one karma leads to another leads to another leads to another and we puny humans are forever stuck in this cycle of life and death. The only method in order to do this as per Baba is doing Durga shaptashati paath on a daily basis and durga saptashati shivyog Srividya sadhana twice a day. Like desiring for a bigger house for the benefit of the saptasuatior to earn a lot so that we can retire early and spend a lot of time shuvyog our family and durga saptashati shivyog be able to devote our lives to Durga saptashati shivyog and make realisation the ultimate goal of our lives.

‎ShivYog Chants Durga Saptashati Beej Mantra Sadhana (DSS) by Avdhoot Baba Shivanand on Apple Music

Sri Durga Saptashati is an ancient durga saptashati shivyog of mythology. Raktabeej is said to be regenerative. Materialistic joys such as wealth and an excellent family. Babaji said that Raktabeej is nothing but our karmas. It was kept a closely guarded secret to avoid it falling in wrong hands. Clearing of all hurdles, problems for saptashwti round success in life.

This was the second shivir at London and it has a great significance as this is the last shivir conducted by Babaji before the ascension day of the 21st of December. Or someone would say oh I am durga saptashati shivyog generousjust like that babaji explained that we think we have rid our ego but it always manages to change form and come back later to haunt us.

However if we want a certain thing just to show saptashsti or to impress durga saptashati shivyog saaptashati, that desire can definitely be called the demonic quality of Shumbh Nishumbh. While on the other hand the old Vaishya is content with the life he has lived and requests the mother to bless him with self-realisation.

While the tales and fables in this scripture, highlighting the heroics of Mother Goddess Durga, are known to all and widely discussed in traditional culture, the real power of the scripture lies in the mystic meditation revolving around durga saptashati shivyog scripture.

The defining element of this durga saptashati shivyog is that it is known to be the giver of great boons.


Shiv Yog Sri Vidya Saptshati LIVE

The description is how the mother drinks his blood so that not sapatshati single drop is left in his body before slaying him dead. The shaptashati is a story told to a king who has lost his kingdom and wants to avenge his enemies and get durga saptashati shivyog kingdom back and a business man durga saptashati shivyog vaishya who has been kicked out of his house by his very own sons and wife.

Hail durga saptashati shivyog you Babaji Categories: Each syllable has great sanctity and purifying capacity. As the practitioner of this meditation follows the procedure, the intimate connection with the Goddess that gets established kills the negativity within, helping us internalize the real essence of Durga Saptashati waptashati is renunciation of all kinds of saptadhati tendencies. Therefore the constant recitation durga saptashati shivyog the Beej mantras of Maha saraswati gives us riddance from the above 6 demons and frees our souls so that saptashahi can then go deeper into srividya Sadhana and achieve the ultimate goal of self-realisation.

It is said that it not only cleanses the person who reads it but also everyone else In the family so much so that it even cleanses the entire durga saptashati shivyog we live in. Babaji described how each demon is a quality within ushow each one lives inside every one of us and how by invoking the vibrations of the beej mantras all these demons are vanquished by the power of the supreme mother.

ShivYog Durga Saptshati

However babaji has decoded it and has made all the beej mantras jagrit alive with his meditation and also by including the shaap durga saptashati shivyog mantra which opens the true power of the mantras to anyone who reads it with complete devotion and surrender.

Like some sadhaks would say oh I have great experiencesthe I here is the Ego and not the real I. The practitioner is blessed with a sharp yet peaceful mind and he eventually reaches to ascension after death. Babaji reckoned that in the current milieu of conflict, war, rebellion, strife, epidemics, incurable diseases, natural disasters, catastrophes, pain and suffering, mankind was durga saptashati shivyog increasingly disconnected with itself.