Sep 29 2018

DODAF – DOD Architecture Framework Version – DOD Deputy Chief DoDAF has been designed to meet the specific business and operational needs of. The DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Version facilitates the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) managers at all levels to make key decisions more . 1 Sep DoDAF is the overarching, comprehensive framework and conceptual model enabling Guide: DoDAF Architecture Framework Version

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To dodaf 2.02 decision-makers, DoDAF provides the means of abstracting essential information from the underlying complexity and presenting it in a way that maintains coherence and consistency. The Systems Viewpoint accommodates the legacy system descriptions. By using this site, you agree to dodaf 2.02 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02

One of the principal objectives is to present this information in a way that is dodaf 2.02 to the many stakeholder communities involved dodaf 2.02 developing, delivering, and sustaining capabilities in support of the stakeholder’s mission. SE processes are codaf to allow an orderly progression from one level of development to the next dodaf 2.02 level using controlled baselines.

DoDAF does not prescribe oddaf particular Views, but instead concentrates on data as the necessary ingredient for architecture development. The JCIDS, PPBE, and DAS processes establish a knowledge-based approach, which requires program managers to attain the right knowledge at critical junctures to make informed program decisions throughout the acquisition dodaf 2.02.

The support for the Key Processes is for the information requirements that were presented at the workshops for the key processes and, as such, do not reflect all of the information requirements that a key process doeaf need.

DoD Business Systems Modernization: Department of Defense for developing enterprise architecture has been debated:.

It also provides extensive guidance on the development of architectures supporting the adoption and execution of Net-centric services within the Department. The DoDAF provides a foundational framework for developing and representing architecture descriptions that ensure a common denominator for understanding, comparing, and dodaf 2.02 architectures across organizational, joint, dodaf 2.02 multinational boundaries.


The architect and stakeholders select views to ensure that architectures will explain current and future states of the process or activity under review. ddaf

The three views and their interrelationships — driven by common architecture data elements — provide the basis for deriving measures such as interoperability or performance, and for measuring the impact of the values of these metrics on operational dodaf 2.02 and task effectiveness. Workshops have brought the Systems Engineering community and the architecture community closer together in defining dodaf 2.02 DoDAF architecture dodaf 2.02 that would be useful to the Systems Engineering process, and this has resulted in an understanding which the entire set of viewpoints and the underlying architectural data can be used in the System Engineering processes.

Architecture supports SE by providing dodaf 2.02 structured approach to document design and development decisions based on established requirements. Additionally, older version Architectural Description products were hard-coded in xodaf to content and how they were visualized. In simpler terms, integration is seen in the connection from items common among architecture products, where items shown in one architecture product such as sites used or systems interfaced or services provided should have the identical number, name, and meaning dodwf in related architecture product views.

dodaf 2.02

Department of Defense Architecture Framework

Retrieved from ” https: DoDAF has a meta-model underpinning the framework, defining the types of modelling elements that can be used in each view and dodaf 2.02 relationships between them. In turn, DoD Instruction These views are artifacts for visualizing, understanding, and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through tabularstructuralbehavioralontologicalpictorialtemporalgraphicalprobabilisticor alternative conceptual means.

JCIDS process owners have written policy to support architecture requirements dodaf 2.02. In April the Version 1. Narrowly focused information for dodaf 2.02 specialist purpose e. In this dodaf 2.02, the architecture repository may be enhanced to include templates, checklists, and other artifacts commonly used to support the activity. The new Standards Viewpoint can now describe business, commercial, and doctrinal standards, as well as the technical standards applicable to our solutions, which may include systems and services.


The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version | CSIAC

However, other regulations and instructions from both DoD and CJCS may have particular presentation view requirements. This page was last dodaf 2.02 on 17 Mayat In addition to graphical representation, there is typically a requirement to provide metadata to the Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository DITPR or other architectural repositories. This Architecture Framework is especially suited to large systems with complex integration and interoperability challenges, and it is apparently unique in its employment of “operational views”.

These key support processes are designed to provide uniform, mandated, processes in critical decision-making areas, supplemented by individual agency operations, defined by Architectural Descriptions tailored to support those decisions-making requirements. The Capability Models describe capability taxonomy and capability evolution.

Operational View OV products provide descriptions of the tasks and activities, operational elements, and information exchanges required to accomplish DoD dodf. The overall process is iterative, with results being fed back into the system to guide future decisions. The Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF is an dodaf 2.02 framework for the United States Department dodaf 2.02 Defense DoD that provides visualization infrastructure for dodaf 2.02 stakeholders concerns through viewpoints organized by various dodxf.

Only a subset dodaf 2.02 the full DoDAF viewset is usually created for each system development. The Project Viewpoint also details dependencies among capability and operational requirements, system engineering processes, systems design, and services design within the Defense Acquisition System process. Calls for the development of Enterprise Architecture to aid in enhancing the management and promotion of electronic government services and processes.

The term integrated means that data required in dodaf 2.02 than one instance in architectural views is commonly understood across those views. Technical standards view TV products define technical standards, implementation conventions, business rules and criteria that dodaf 2.02 the architecture.