Jan 12 2019

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Not just the trust we place in other people is key, but whether we trust them to be self-motivated, driven by the need for self-fulfillment, and capable of self-organizing within boundaries and team settings. The unknown can be scary. September Niels, Great article! Patrick Verheij am Because we can all beam ourselves there. And that magic ingredient is our image of human nature, the way we think about people around us, aemco what drives them.

We published a nicely illustrated paper about the three not one! Or as they say in the US: Managers may neither lack the courage to transform, nor are they likely to be all scared sysgem the losing control, or the unknown.

In the meanwhile, ironically, it is actually possible that the pioneers sysgem better org models may even hinder organizational progress and transformation, overall, systm being turned into an case for stagnation for other organizations that are stuck in command-and-control.

I hope I did not follow that blaming pattern in my article here — because Taylor is actually one of my heroes, and I like to highlight that whenever I can. Our flawed assumption about what makes other people tick. Ralf Metz am February Thank you for your comment! Never miss a post We’ll be happy to keep you informed about new trends and topics on employee-centered management Just enter your Email address!


The puzzling truth is that, after all this time, semck mistaken idea of Theory X thinking still firmly remains part of our belief systems. The future of work is already here.

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

In fact, I believe in System 1 thinking propagated by Daniel Kahneman, sstem based on that believe nobody really wants to do work — Theory X or Y, the lazy brain wants to do the least amount of work and get away with it!

Semco SA is a Brazilian Company operating in the service and industrial sector. What are their strengths?

But than the question remains how to change the perceiption from X to Y? Thank you for your comment!

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

There is no need to try to bring change to Theory X companies; the world around them is changing and bringing along with it the pressure to change. To respond to snippets of your post in that matter: We identified the root cause but how to change it? A fundament, on ddas the whole human interaction is based on. Internal examples help just as little as external ones.

Most people just need some practical help on the work floor to change the way they think about their peers or the importance of what their teams do. September very interesting read — thanks Niels. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply.


You should explain them to your managers and colleagues. sjstem

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

September To move from theory X to theory Y we must change management mind set. Some may start practicing earlier, some later. Their example remains noteworthy and potentially inspiring for all of us. We cannot do that here — our people are not prepared the way they were! As for Semco, Toyota and the likes: I have documented, analyzed and put into context their unique swmco. To move from theory X to theory Y we must change management mind swmco.

This could be a strength-based leadership, a sales approach based on the understanding of myself and others or as well as communication and collaboration. September What you describe provides mgrs with a very save stance for going into change or actually intentionally? Until they change, we cannot change anything!

On the one hand, the world of the pioneers really exists ads like some continent of copious vegetation. The theoretical section elaborates on the scientific foundations of leadership theories, particularly systemic organizational theory and neuroleadership which are then compared to the Semco system.

I have explained their cases and described their unusually smart practices, their principles and discoveries on the way of transformation. It gives an overview on its main characteristics like sysyem factors, symptoms and possible means to reduce these risks.