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Caer en la tentación by Heath, Lorraine and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Lorraine Heath me dejó muy buen sabor de boca con Rendida a la Tentación la historia de Rafe que fue un libro maravilloso. Este libro me gustó tanto como el. A Matter of Temptation has ratings and 89 reviews. Sombra said: No es la serie del año, pero a mí me está gustando. La pluma de la autora hace que.

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Mistaken identity trope bukan pertama kalinya saya baca, tapi author ini membuatnya kurang yentacion menurut saya. Oliver Twist the Aristocrat: It’s all very understandable in the book, though, and Robert’s dilemma is pretty clear.

It’s not for a couple of weeks after Robert’s locked up that he finds out that John did the deed. To protect his heart, he packs his things and heads west. Lady Catherine Mabry seems to be the only one care their high circles who’s not intimidated by him or feels threatened by society’s disapproval of her acceptance of him.

Miles of introspection; lots of telling; Robert Hawthorne, Duke of Killingsworth, escapes the prison his twin brother has had him locked up in for the last 8 years on the eve of the “Duke’s” wedding to Victoria Lambert. When the old earl, the victim’s father, met with Luke in lorrakne, he recognized him as his grandson.

In Bed with the Devil

How scandalous for anyone lorrakne say tenyacion to his face, much less a titled lady! Jan 10, Angela rated it it was ok. For example, making sure there’s no way they are in any way cheating. Victoria Lambert knows she must marry Robert–after all, as lorraind mother always reminds her, he is the catch of the season and she’ll become a duchess! Abolutely adored this book.

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A proper young lady risks more than her reputation when consorting with the roguishly handsome Lucian Langdon, but Lady Catherine Mabry believes she has no choice. As I knew I would. London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. It made it hard to like the hero after this though in the beginning I wanted to love him because the idea of the story was great. Meanwhile Torie and the real Robert are falling in love with each other.

Long, long pages of introspection. From page 1, this book had a decidedly gothic feel and I can’t say I enjoyed it. Lorraine Heath 21 July And this guy has been through 8 years of prison where he couldn’t see or talk to anyone else.

A Matter of Temptation

Following that, John takes over the place of Robert and assumes the role of Duke after he poisons off his parents of course.

She shames her friend again and again for not standing up to her husband.

Whether a sinner or a saint, he held her interest as no other man ever had. I suppose because John had done such a good job of assuming his brother’s identity, that Robert felt he had to tentaxion that he was Robert and not John?

Luke left Catherine alone because he did not know his own heart still thinking that he wanted to marry lorrxine childhood friend Frannie and because he wanted to preserve whatever reputation she had left.

This book has passion in the old-fashioned sense, the sex scenes are explicit but new writers, please take a lesson here for class.

Flowing text, Original pages. He dithers a bit, should he let the wedding go forward?

In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath

Yes, this book treads on dangerous and risky grounds, but it’s a success in the end. With a story like this, the hero should have been a million times more tortured. I must hurry on with Christmas chores This was a wonderful, both cute and funny, very tender romantic and well told romance.

But what he learns is that he is falling in love with a woman he has only known a short time, alot more than the one woman he has vowed to marry. Her “dual” nationality has given her a love for all things British and Texan, and she enjoys weaving both heritages through her stories. Lucian’s closest friends are from his days in the streets of London and they strengthen and add spice to the tale.


I’d say skip this one, the series is not linked to the others in the series or the other two series that are linked to the first book in t 2. Still, she felt obliged to answer.

His bride Torie was not treated well at first. Like Robert, I never understood why John hadn’t just killed him. Paperbackpages.

A Matter of Temptation (Lost Lords, #2) by Lorraine Heath

However his grandfather found him and he learned how to become the Earl which lorrane his heritage as well. This is my disapproving face Missy I love this word! To view it, click here. It exceeded my expectations and I’m anxious to continue. Luke said ‘yup, yup, yup’ to all the old man’s questions and was soon spirited home to a grand title and inheritance, a bounty he definitely doesn’t think he deserves. And even though I knew cqer the ending would be, she did a good job of maintaining the suspense via her unfolding plot actions and there were a few surprises.

Now, Robert is free and he is struggling to figure out how to prove While I am the first to admit that I am a huge Lorraine Heath fan girl, this book, I’m sad to say, disappointed me: There is nothing different in his characterization or how the sex scenes are handled.