BridgeIt Features

BridgeIt enables any web application to access a wide range of mobile device capabilities using a simple JavaScript API. BridgeIt is supported on the most popular mobile platforms, offering the features illustrated in the table below.

BridgeIt Features by Platform
Cloud Push
Coming Soon
Alpha (experimental)

Mobile Demo

The BridgeIt mobile demo shows the various native integrations in action. Have a mobile device? Try it out. Scan the QR Code (below) with your device or go to the demo. If you don't have a mobile device you can preview the demo in the video on the right.

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Accident Report Demo

This accident reporting web application demo showcases some of the BridgeIt features in a real-world context. At the scene of an accident users can leverage the native device features of BridgeIt to fill out contact information, use the scanning function to rapidly retrieve vehicle information, upload multiple pictures of the incident, record short description memos, and share the final accident report using SMS messaging. It's all a little hypothetical, but it will give you an good idea how you can easily integrate native features to your web applications.

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No downloads required!

You can start using BridgeIt without downloading anything. The BridgeIt script is hosted at:

Simply add it to your page and you are off and running. The native BridgeIt utility app will be installed automatically when your web application requires it.

Getting the Script

Stable Hosted versions:
Bleeding edge on GitHub:
Previous Versions:

If you've got Bower installed, simply bower install bridgeit.js.

Get the BridgeIt Utility Apps:

The BridgeIt utility app will be installed automatically on the mobile device when needed, or you can install one yourself.

Customize the BridgeIt Utility App

Easily customize the BridgeIt Utility with your brand, features and capabilities - BridgeIt Customization Services

Need Help?

The Getting Started tutorial will guide you step by step.