Dec 21 2018

Amaze everyone with insane math & memory shortcuts and card tricks! Can’t get enough of Mike’s card tricks and math shortcuts? Well here are a bunch of cool. 17 Jan I have to confess that whil Brainetics e I know quite a few mental Math tricks and while I’ve written quite a number of posts and made several. One of the searches turned up “Brainetics Scam”. Does. If you want to learn a few maths tricks go ahead and buy the damn thing. This won’t help your maths in .

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MMM, Makes me and should also wonder? The chapter on addition demonstrates an effective method of checking calculations that can also be applied to multiplication. tricms

It provides questions and activities in a reward based system. August 2, at 5: I have Brainetics, and now, I am at the top of my class, when I used to be at the bottom.

I should have known better, but thanks to reading the posts on this site, I just got back OUT of mwth little box that I was taught to stay in and will continue to allow them and myself to stay out of that educational box the guys on top also want us to stay in, as another poster basically said. Submit a Scam Report. Has anyone else considered this possibility?

If you choose to partake in this product, do so with a full awareness of the cost, not only for purchase, but in effort. Aquila December 20th, – Anonymous April 4th, – Have to agree with Iam Notateacher on this one. Everything done on the videos can be done with a calculator which all kids are permitted to use.


How fast can you do mental Math? « Wild About Math!

When their comes up, I have just stopped answering them, but on their next attempt, I will pick up the phone and tell them to butt out— great deals or not!!! I believe it simply tdicks the mind has powers you must unlock and all this program seems to do is help you with the key.

This brainetic way cheaper than tutoring, something that is very expensive for me, anything that helps I am will to try. As a matter of fact, it requires a wrote memorization of the times tables from in order for your child to be able to use it at all. So, how was the product?

I have just watched the infomercial and thought that I would look for reviews before committing! When I graduated, it meant something. To those who have posted above re: It would seem they spoke england like i uesed to could when i was a children.

Stop getting scammed, if it sounds too good to be true then whats the saying again? Why did I get charged for Brainetics when I yricks to not order and did not even finish the phone call hanging up because she tried to keep making me buy the whole thing up front?


Brainetics Reviews & Complaints

You cared and you are invested in their best interest. To the person who said that Brainetics would be NO help in Calculus class.

They know many people will forget to return in time and rip you off. Ryan May 2nd, – Trocks was developed by the Ukrainian engineer Jakow Trachtenberg in order to keep his mind occupied while being held in a Nazi concentration camp.

Brainetic the positive self esteem my child would get from this is worth it. If you are buying this as a cure all for math, then it is a scam. There are tricks in the progran that can be found elsewhere if you look hard enough but the program does work to get kids fired up.

Brainetics Reviews & Complaints Complaints @ Scam or Legit?

Before, I even have difficulty adding 2 braainetics digit numbers, even with paper. It is a system that is used to spark other parts of the brain that children do not normally use.

Shipping cost cannot be calculated. September 8, at 3: January 20, at 8: Perhaps they did nopt like the idea of an IT guy setting up a website warning people about the ruthless, misleading and bull they try to flog.