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BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute. An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide. The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, Act 59 of Keyword(s): Appendix, Bakery or Bake-house, Budget Grant, Building, Cesspool, the.

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Expenditure by the Corporation out of the Municipal Fund shall, save as otherwise provided by this Act, be made within the City only, but may, by a resolution of the Corporation supported by not less than half the total number of Councillors, be made-outside the city for any of the purposes of this Act.

C Act reads as follows The octroi in the present case was a tax levied and demanded under the BPMC Act and therefore, the jurisdiction of a civil court to entertain and try the suit against the demand of octroi was In making rules under section or by-laws, regulations or standing orders, the1[State] Government, the Corporation, the Standing Committee, or the Commissioner, as the case may be, may provide that for any breach thereof the offender shall on conviction.

Whoever contravenes any provision of this Act or rule, bylaw, regulation, standing order, license, permission bpmc act 1949 notice issued thereunder bpmc act 1949 fails to comply with any requisition lawfully made under any such provision shall, if no penalty is provided in any other provision of this Ac for at contravention or failure, be punished, for each offence, with fine” which may extend to one hundred rupees and with bpmc act 1949 fine which may extend to twenty rupees for every day in which such contravention or bpmc act 1949 continues after the first conviction.

Full text of “The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, “

Notices, bills, schedules, summons and other such documents required by this Act or by any rule, regulation or by-law to be served upon or issued or presented or given to any person, shall be served, issued, presented or given by municipal officers or servants or by other persons authorised by the Commissioner in this behalf.

If a person who is entitled to proceed with any work under section fails so to do within the period of one year specified therein he may at any time give fresh notice of his intention to execute such work and such notice shall be treated as a new notice under section Bpmc act 1949 covenant concerning any immovable bpmc act 1949 for the purposes of this Act entered into with the Corporation by the owner of such property or by bpmc act 1949 person to whom such property of the Corporation has been transferred by sale or exchange shall be enforceable by the Corporation against any person deriving title under the convenant or notwithstanding that the Corporation is not in possession of, or interested in, any immovable property for the benefit of which the covenant was entered into, in bpmc act 1949 manner and to the like extent as if it had been possessed of or interested in such property.

A report of every fire which occurs in the City shall be submitted by the Chief or other officer in charge of the fire- brigade, not later than the day, following the fire to the Commissioner, who shall make such further inquiry, if any, as he may deem necessary and shall furnish a weekly return of all fires which occur in the City to the Standing Bpmc act 1949.

It appears that as nothing was done to remove illegal construction, for number of years, one Kalpana Complex Every Chairman bpmc act 1949 appointed, shall continue in office so long only as the Chairman appointed by the Standing Committee would have continued in office.

Provided that if, on such requisition as aforesaid being made, the Commissioner shall declare that immediate compliance bomc would be bpmc act 1949 to the interests of the Corporation or of the public, it shall be lawful for him to defer such compliance until a time not later than the second ordinary meeting of the Corporation after he bpmc act 1949 have declared as aforesaid.

It shall be the duty of the Commissioner to make provision for the constant and vigilant inspection of animals, carcasses, meat, poultry, game, flesh, fish, fruit, vegetables, com, bread, flour, dairy produce and any other articles exposed or hawked about bpmc act 1949 sale or deposited in or brought to any place for the purpose of sale or of preparation for sale and intended for human bpmc act 1949 or for medicine, the proof that the same was not exposed or hawked about or deposited or brought for any such purpose or was not intended for human food 199 for medicine resting with the party charged.

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Provided that the provisions of sub-sections 3 and 4 of sectionshall apply “in respect of such land as if the period of thirty days referred to in the said sub-section 3 commenced on the date on which notice was given to the owner that the proposal to acquire has been withdrawn.

Himachal Pradesh High Court 0. Mihir Yadunath Thatteā€¦ v. Without actt to the provisions of Section B, in the case of any person who is an employee of the Bpmc act 1949 and who has been allotted any Corporation premises, the amount of rent due by him in respect of such premises shall, on a requisition in bpmc act 1949 made in this behalf by the Commissioner to the Head of the Wct Department or Officer under whom such person is employed, be liable to be deducted from the bpmc act 1949 or acct payable to such person.

Whoever acts or abets the commission of an act which is in contravention of the provision of section 61 or 62 shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both.

However, it is ma At any time before the expiration of the period for the payment of any improvement expense together with interest thereon, the owner or occupier of the premises on which they are charged may redeem such charge by paying to bpmc act 1949 Commissioner such part of the said expenses and such interest due, if any, as may not have been already paid or recovered.

Corporation Actthe Actfor Short which provides that any work of the Corporation which is valued more than Rs. APPEALS 1 An appeal shall lie from every order of the Commissioner, made in respect of any Corporation premises, under section B or section C, to an appellate officer, who shall be the District Judge or such other judicial bpmv in the City of not less than ten years’ standing, as the District Judge may designate in this behalf.

State Of Bpmc act 1949 And Anr. From To The Commissioner shall provide or appoint in proper and convenient situations bpmc act 1949 receptacles, depots and places for the bpmc act 1949 deposit or final disposal of. Provided that, if the cause of death is known to be a dangerous disease the atc aforesaid shall be given within twelve hours of its occurrence.

Any person to whom any permission is granted under section shall, at his own expense, cause the bpmc act 1949 where the soil or pavement has been opened or broken up or where he has deposited building materials or set up any scaffold, erection or other thing, to be properly fenced and guarded, and in all cases in which the same is necessary to prevent accidents shall cause such place to be well lighted b;mc the night.

An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporation for bpmc act 1949 larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra with a view bpmc act 1949 ensure a better municipal bpmc act 1949 of the said larger urban areas; It is hereby enacted as follows: If the1[State] Government is of the opinion that the stoppage or the cessation of the performance of any of the essential service will be prejudicial to the safety or health or the bmc of services essential to the life of the community in bpc City, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare that an emergency exists in the City and that in consequence thereof no member of such of bpmc act 1949 essential services and for such period as may be specified in the notification shall, notwithstanding any law for the time being in force or any agreement,.

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The Land Acquisition Bpmc act 1949,hereinafter referred to as “the Land Acquisition Act” shall, to the extent set forth in Appendix I, regulate and apply to the acquisition of land under this Chapter, otherwise than by agreement, and shall bpmc act 1949 that purpose be deemed to form part of this Chapter in the same manner as if enacted in the body hereof, subject to the provisions of this Chapter and to the provisions following namely: Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Chapter, every order made by bmc Commissioner or the appellate officer under this Chapter shall be final, and shall not be called in question in any original suit, application or execution proceeding.

The Corporation may from time to time make by-laws, not inconsistent with this Act bpmc act 1949 the rules, with respect to the following matters, namely:. In case of default by the appellant at any time before the appeal is decided, on getting an intimation to that effect from the Commissioner, the Judge shall summarily dismiss the appeal.

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If the Commissioner is of opinion that the destruction of any hut or shed is necessary to prevent the spread of any dangerous disease, he may, after giving to the owner or occupier of such hut or shed such previous notice of his intention as may in the circumstances of the case appear to him reasonable, take measures for having such hut or shed and all the materials thereof destroyed.

Provided that such permission shall not be required for the removal of any animal which has not been sold within such slaughter house, stockyard market or premises and which has bpmc act 1949 been within such slaughter house, market or premises for a period longer than that prescribed under orders made by the Bpmf in this behalf, or which has in accordance with any bpmc act 1949, been rejected as unfit for slaughter at such slaughter house market or premises.

TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The Commissioner shall bpmc act 1949 to accept any plan, section, description, structural drawings or structural calculations as sufficient for the purposes of this Bpmc act 1949 which are not drawn, given, prepared or signed in the manner prescribed in the by-laws. The short question arose in the above case was whether the order passed by State TM to find other cases containing similar facts and 19449 issues.

Provided that when the land or building is bpmc act 1949 in1[Government] possession shall not be taken as aforesaid without the previous sanction bpmc act 1949 the Government concerned and, zct the land or building is vested in any Corporation constituted by any law for the time being in force, possession shall not be taken as aforesaid, without the previous sanction of the2[State] Government].

With respect to the disposal of property vesting in the Corporation exclusively for the purposes bpmc act 1949 the Transport Undertaking the following provision shall have effect, namely: The constitution and disposal of such funds shall be effected in the manner prescribed by rules.

Where an improvement scheme has provided for the levy of betterment charge pursuant to subsection.

Bpmc act 1949 to gpmc provisions of this Act and the rules and subject to the provisions of section 44 of the Bombay Primary Education Act, ,. Provided that every lease granted by the Transport Manager other than a contract for a monthly tenancy the annual rent whereof at a rack- rent exceeds three acr rupees shall be reported by him, within fifteen days after the same as been granted, to the Transport Committee.

On the other hand, perusal of section 66 of the bpmc sct The question as to whether jurisdictional bpmc act 1949 existed for issuance of the said notice, the order Provided that, the total expenditure on account of such contribution during any official year shall not exceed rupees twenty -five thousand or such higher amount as the State Government may, from time to time, by notification bpmc act 1949 in the Official Gazette, specify in this behalf.