Jan 12 2019

Attack of the Superzeroes. from an article by Thomas de Zengotita appearing in the December issue of Harper’s Magazine This is the. Here is our latest video for Fifi Rong’s latest single ‘Attack’. but we are happy to announce that SUPERZEROES will be released in July. Superzero. Play on Spotify Albums. Hogwash · Attack Of the Air Monkeys. View all on Spotify Listen to Superzero now. Listen to Superzero in full in the.

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Intrigued by this, myself and Liam thought we would give it a shot, so we dusted off the script for our failed second comic and re worked it as a short film. Sharp as Razors is out August 19th.

Here is our latest video for Fifi Rong’s latest single ‘Attack’. Thankfully everyone is bring in in their A game and really working hard to make Superzeroes as good as it can be.

It was great fun, and we got to be among legends such as Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. InMy good friend James Raynor held a successful indiegogo campaign to help fund his short film Stupernatural.

Super Zeroes 1.png

Toward a progressive talk show. Here is an outtake from my th attempt to make my pitch video, enjoy. Hey guys, sorry its been a while since I last updated you all. This sense of joy also translated into his art work which is sleek, clean and classical.

If retro side scrolling action games are your thing, then check this out. It was during this period that Jess evolved into Crimson Mis tthe team’s leader. Attaco also think the two leads appreciated his help too, as if I was busy with the technical aspects of the video he was always at hand to help the actors develop their characters, and work on their performance.

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Let us know lf you think. All incredibly funny films, that would be easy to categorize as paradoy. It’s been one hell of a juggling act trying to get everyone together at the same time and sourcing out locations.

As we had a budget at our disposal, we were able to hire a cast and crew to bring the film to life. While each episode is designed to stand alone, there are threads throughout that hint to a much wider universe and story for our characters.

Originally I wanted to do all the video in camera with minimal sets and crude props and costumes. Concept art for the ‘Boy’ Character. As well superzerows the aforementioned silent films we also discussed the likes of Wall-e, Hannah, and Princess Mononoke as well as video games such as Journey and Limbo as inspiration.

With that in mind, I drew up some designs and came up with a simple concept.

Superzero on Spotify

For over 10 series and 2 movies The X-File s Flip-flopped between monster of the week and mythology centric episodes. You are currently viewing this article as a guest.

As hard fo I tried, I just couldn’t get the sugar glass mixture right and the bottles melted within a few hours. What you see in the video hasn’t really changed since its inception. After a conversation about the lack of UK based superheroes with my life long friend Liam Delaneywe started to craft and hone these characters into something more. Video should be ready for release mid August.

So far it is going incredibly well, we have had our ups and our downs, but superzerooes safe to say that it’s really starting to come together. I Hope you guys enjoy it and I promise it won’t be so long until our next update. It was around this time we met Paul Nadinwho has since been a collaborator on nearly all of our projects. Subscribers can find additional help here.

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By Thomas De Zengotita. Behind the Scenes of the original short films.

Here’s a behind the scenes time lapse of the first day of filming for the new Burn Down Rydell video, Enjoy. Before we even started filming the van we planned to use for the chase sequence failed its MOT and conked out on us.

Attack of the superzeroes

Campaign kicks off 7pm UK time. Screen Shots, original frames and sketches. Rhe cut that footage together with a mixture of storyboards as it would act as my guide for the video, helping with the timing and the performance of the puppets.

This article is available in PDF and Microfiche formats only. Thumbnails from the failed second comic book. Towards the end there were a artack of sleepless nights and a hell of a lot of tea consumed but all in all it was worth and I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out. Check out the campaign and see superxeroes great perks we have on offer. Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with the Looney Tunes. Within the space of a month, we wrote Via Skype with Liamwho was living in Qatar at the timeshot and edited the Christmas centered episode – Twas the night before Christmas.

The city itself is such is a ripe source of inspiration, from its diverse cultures, to its unique places and tje rich history. Article — From the November issue. We will also be announcing a cinema screening very soon so watch this space!