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Volume 2 of the Ontario Building Code Current as of Apr. Ontario Building Code Compendium Volume 2 Dnl uploaded by. uploader . Code Series Binder ISBN: Softcover ISBN: -1 Purchase Ontario Building Code by Orderline in a Pak with the. Update to Appendix A ( Building Code Compendium). Published: 04, MMA Original Article The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has developed an.

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Flammable liquid means any liquid having a flash point below No refunds, cancellations or changes will be made to examination registrations within 21 days of the scheduled examination date. For more information on registering for a Building Code examination, contact Humber College.

Available Examinations In accordance with the requirements of the Building Code, Building Code qualification examinations are developed by the Ministry. Recreational camp means a camp for recreational activities consisting of one 2012 ontario building code compendium more buildings or other structures established or maintained as living quarters, with 2012 ontario building code compendium without charge, for the temporary occupancy of 10 or more persons for five or more days.

April 3, — July 19, Gaming premises means premises that are a gaming site as defined in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes. Assembly occupancies intended for the production and viewing of the performing arts.

Leaching bed fill means unconsolidated material suitable for the construction of a leaching bedplaced in the area of the leaching bed in order to obtain the required unsaturated zone below the distribution pipes or leaching chambers and the required lateral extent such that the effluent is absorbed. Walkway means a covered 2012 ontario building code compendium roofed pedestrian thoroughfare used to connect two or more buildings. Building trap means a trap that is installed in a sanitary building drain or sanitary building sewer to prevent circulation of air between the sanitary drainage system and a public sewer.

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Spatial Separation and Exposure Protection. To facilitate the reuse and material alteration and repair of existing buildings.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Resource Conservation — Infrastructure Capacity. Combustible construction means a type of construction that does not meet the requirements for noncombustible construction.

Developed length means, when applied to a pipe and fittings, the length along the centre line of the pipe and fittings. Storey means, except for the purposes of Part 7 of Division B, the portion of a building.

Chimney means a shaft that is primarily vertical 2012 ontario building code compendium that encloses at least one flue for conducting flue gases to the outdoors.

Ontario. Building Code. : Toronto Public Library

Indoor pool means a public pool where the pool and pool deck are totally or partially ohtario by a roof. Exit stairways, vestibules to exit stairs and lobbies described in Sentence 3. Classes, and Fixture outlet pipe means a pipe that connects the waste opening of a fixture to the trap serving the fixture.

Sanitary drainage system means a 2012 ontario building code compendium system that conducts sanitary sewage.

Water service pipe means a pipe on the property that conveys potable water from a drinking water system or a private water supply to the inside of the building. Storm drainage system means a drainage system that conveys storm sewage.

2012 ontario building code compendium vehicular passageways, except for roof assemblies of heavy timber construction in such passageways. Application of Hot Asphalt for Dampproofing or Waterproofing.

To bulding the risk of injury to persons as a result of contact with hot surfaces or substances. To resist the ingress of precipitation, water or moisture from 2012 ontario building code compendium exterior or from the ground. An objective of this Code is to limit the probability that, as a result of its builving or constructiona building will be exposed to an unacceptable risk of damage due to fire caused by fire safety systems failing to function as expected.


2012 House -Ontario Building Code (BCIN) Courses-

Anyone who is a stakeholder in building construction: Combustible liquid means any liquid having a flash point at or above Occupancy means the use or intended use of a building or part of a building for 2012 ontario building code compendium shelter or support of persons, animals or property.

Air-conditioning is the process of treating air in a space to control simultaneously its temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and buildimg to meet the comfort requirements of the occupants of the space. 2012 ontario building code compendium objective of this Code is to limit the probability that, as a bjilding of the design or construction of a buildingadjacent buildings will be exposed to an unacceptable risk of structural damage.

You’re using an outdated browser. Exterior cladding means those components of a building that are exposed to the outdoor environment and are intended to provide protection against wind, water or vapour. A seasoned certified Ontario Building Code Official with experience in both construction management 2012 ontario building code compendium the Ontario Building Code will discuss how your business can enhance its knowledge of the Building Code and relationship with regulatory bodies in today’s building construction challenges.